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Elephant Animal Safaris

There is nothing as amazing and beautiful as the elephant on any animal safari. Why do tourists find the African elephants Loxodonta africana to be at the same time as beautiful dangerous amazing animals? These large land mammals whether they are big elephants or small elephants, white elephants, red elephants, grey elephants or black elephants and whether in the deep African Savannah or in the Indian great dangerous forests, elephants are loved all over the world. With all the elephants in the world being declared as endangered species, the African elephant which proved difficult to be tamed still continues to be hunted for its tusks. 

The endangered Asian elephants and mostly the male elephants that have tusks are also following the same fate by poachers from different poaching animal world community. Despite the fact that there are many elephant conservation projects in Africa, Asia and the world at large going on in order to help save the endangered African elephants and the Asian elephants the great men and women who make an animal safari and visit these beautiful dangerous elephant habitats always share the plight of these beautiful animals and also known to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Do all the African elephants look alike? What really is the difference between the African elephant and the Asian elephant when you see these beautiful dangerous elephants in a zoo, a park or just a picture of an elephant in video or a magazine? Its always good to know a few basic facts about elephants and as much information about elephants so that when you tell someone that you saw an elephant on a safari then you can really share your thoughts about these beautiful wild animals of Africa and Asia as well.

One amazing fact about elephants is that elephants are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. The elephant’s trunk with all its major muscles is as flexible and one of the strongest elephant body part where are as the elephant tusk is the most important part of the elephant which not only ensures its survival in the wild against all elephant predators but in the elephant herd as well and as an elephant’s continuation of generation as far as survival for the fittest in the animal world.
Where do you think is the best elephant laboratory is in the world. With all the research about elephants in the wild still going on, researchers who go to Africa on a safari to learn more about elephants have spent years researching on these beautiful African elephants. Is there something new that people have learned which they still don’t know about elephants? Well it’s always in the news.

Africa elephant Loxodonta africana attacks tourist while in Kenya on an animal safari. “January 6, 2010. The Telegraph   US mother, baby girl killed by elephant in Kenya. An American tourist and her one-year-old daughter were trampled to death by an elephant at a game reserve in Kenya, officials said on Wednesday”

Indian elephant terrorizes villagers uprooting trees and destroying property. “May 18, 2012. THE TIMES OF INDIA. Elephant kills villager in Koraput”

Zoo elephant attacks on the zookeeper.  “January 7, 2010. Laura Rice. Louie the elephant attacks Toledo Zoo keeper”

Circus elephant injures trainer during a normal elephant training program
“April 2, 2012. OLIVIA KELLEHER. The Irish Times. Circus worker 'critical' after elephant incident”

Mother elephant rescues drowning baby elephantine water hole.May 19, 2011. Bailey Johnson. CBS News. "Baby elephant rescued from drowning by elephant parents"

There are many things about elephants indeed which we still don’t know all animals have their own animal instincts. The elephant instincts has helped it go on an elephant train in search for water and greener pastures just like the wildebeest migrate to Masai Mara national park where there is always fresh vegetation.

We still don’t know many of the elephant habits which if could have been helpful in understand these elephants and help conserve them even better. Do people know how to talk to animals? Well how about talking to an elephant? If people have trained elephants and managed to tell them to lift heavy longs, stand on one let and even know how to play basket ball what would you know if the elephant talked to you as well. In fact, elephants make many different sounds. Some of the sounds that an elephant makes cannot be heard by people. Allover the animal kingdom, animals and insects make different sounds and elephants as the musters of the trumpet use these sounds to communicate with each other over long distances.

 If you think its bad manners for your stomach to growl at an unfortunate moment, wait until you hear an elephant stomach growling. You might just think you are in a discotheque and as far as the elephant in the wild means you are welcome in elephant world. Their stomachs make loud rumbling and growling noises that other elephants can hear, which seem to be contented sounds signaling "everything is okay."

If the Asian elephant has been tamed for ages and still have dangerous elephant attacks in the villages and in the cities what should the men and women do while they are on an elephant safari in the hearts of the jungles of Africa? Should tourist be scared of the African elephants? What are the chances that an elephant will not charge when you come closer when the elephant is in its feeding and breeding habitat? Elephants are indeed dangerous animals and for all those who have managed to have different elephant encounters in the wild or the African Savannah can tell you that there are elephants and especially the male elephants which have managed to send great chills along their spine as well. Being in the safety of your safari vehicle is all what it takes but when the rules of the jungles come in place, the elephant is always king in its habitat.

Why do people like elephants and specially the African elephant? Is if because of the African elephants tusks, the African elephant ears, the African elephants herd, the African elephant pictures or the African elephant profile? Or did you know that when you see or look at an elephant your are actually looking at the largest and the biggest animal on land. The African elephant is the mammal which walks in the planet. Not only does African savannah contain the fastest animal in the world but the tallest animal in the world as well. How amazing is it that for all those who just want to make a safari to Tanzania or South Africa to see the African elephant, they end up seeing the African savannah big cats and even the Kenya big 5 as well.  

One more amazing fact about elephants is that with its entire name in the news around the world, it is one of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world. Going to a safari in Africa just makes you closer to the elephant and with all the sheer size of the elephant when you take close up pictures of the elephant that’s when one realizes the unique characteristics that elephants are unpredictable animals both in the wild and in captivity as well.

How many elephants are there in the world? I guess not very many elephants as compared a decade ago. If Africa has the largest number of elephants in the world, do the Africans themselves visit these elephant natural habitat as well of they already know more about the elephants than the people who live far away in distant lands where such beautiful dangerous elephants are only seen on animal videos and the world news with only the destruction of land and property? 

While that might be true in part, there are still a few good men and women who know more about the African elephants and the Asian elephant more than the natives of the African Savannah who walk side by side and farm in most of the elephant habitat with tribes such as the nomadic Maasai tribe if Kenya and Tanzania as well. Its all about interest and the love of animals that people get to know about the elephant and what part it has to play in the African ecosystem and as part of the African Savannah food chain. 

With the continued animal competition in the African Savannah, loss of habitat for the African elephant and luck of breeding and feeding grounds the African elephant already having been hunted for its tusk is one of the endangered species of Africa and the world at large. The different elephant conservation bodies or organization such as “Save the Elephant” have really spearheaded many projects of elephant conservation and protection of endangered species in Africa and in many parts of the world where these beautiful African elephants whether in the wild or in the zoo, the plight and conservation is always on the watch list of the different animal rights group there by giving the African elephants to have a say.

What are the different species lf elephants found in the world? Are there any other species of elephants which are extinct or going extinct? Well as far as many fossils found in the different parts of the world, the mammoth is just one of the elephant species which is extinct. The mammoth used to live in areas of Russia and mostly in cold places.  Had the mammoth lived up to the present century, I wonder of people would have had the chance to make an animal safari to the Russian cold deserts to see these beautiful Russian elephants in their own natural habitat. But since the only existing elephant species are the African elephant or sometimes known as the forest elephant and the Asian elephant, these beautiful dangerous animals have seen their good days and their bad days in their dangerous natural habitat.

Types of elephants: The African Loxodonta africana and Asian elephant.  

Being on an animal safari either in the dangerous forest of India or the vast African Savannah lands with all the natural predators roaming around the moment you have a chance to see an African elephant is just amazing. The massive body tells you that this king of the African jungles commands all mammals on land when it moves.  The large elephant ears when they are facing away from the elephants body means a lot of danger is just coming your way and when two elephants coil their trunks against one another, you will just me amazed to really see how affectionate these elephants have a lot to tell. If only we could hear what these elephants say when they communicate to each other, the animal world would have been a better place.

The baby elephant animal safari

How many people have actually seen an elephant giving birth? What are some of the amazing facts about a female elephant giving birth? Whether the elephant heard is in the wild or in captivity, just like any other animal in the wild giving birth, the most crucial time is when the baby elephant is born. When the baby elephant or calf enters the amazing hostile animal world and the baby elephant almost taking its first breath of life, the baby elephant is quickly given the first lessons of life by being kicked or helped to be stand on its legs. In the wild with all the elephant predators being attracted by the smell of the elephant’s blood, the baby elephant becomes very vulnerable to elephants’ predators such as  the African lions and the spotted hyenas which will not hesitate to attack a baby elephant whenever they get a chance. 

The only protection the baby elephant can get is from the elephant heard and many of the elephant feeding mothers which will always ward off any male elephants which might want to come near the new born baby elephant. While there are cases of elephants giving birth in captivity, there are recorded moment when an elephant in Balli managed to resuscitate a baby elephant which could not breathe. Despite the fact that there were trained animal experts observing the elephant’s birth, they did not intervene as it was sheer elephants instincts that managed to save the baby elephant.
At about three feet (one meter) tall the elephant when it is born is always very hairy but you will always find that the Asian elephants continue to have some hair when they grow up as compared to the African elephants which have little or no hair on their body. With a very short trunk with no knowledge on how to use it, seeing this baby elephant in the wild trying to use its trunk is just amazing. If you can ever think of any clumsy animal out there in the wild, just think of a baby elephant and you have all the amazement of what a baby elephant can have to entertain you. 

The male elephants or bulls do not take part in caring for the little elephants when they are born or when they are young.  Whether its looking for the mother elephant for milk is just something it learns to locate the tits, if it comes to picking things, the baby elephant just doesn't have the experience to hold, grab or even pick objects but you find with time and with good teachers in the wild especially the mother elephant and the elephant  herd to imitate, the baby elephant will only continue to be under the mother elephants body whether on the move or just keeping cool under the protection of the mother elephant as well and grow to be one of the largest elephants in the world.

To come to think of it, it is very rare to see large elephants in the wild. Not just in the African Savannah of Kenya, the Savannah of south Africa or even at the Serengeti in Tanzania. Way back during the slave trade, as long as two meters were the trunks of African elephants which were being traded during the slave trade. When the era changed and elephants started to be hunted for trophy, most of the biggest elephants in the wild god killed. The female elephants were only left with young male elephants where as the strongest elephant genes ensured the greater survival of the elephant herd. 

That being one of the causes of the loss of many elephants in the wild has seen a decline in the number of the biggest elephants or even the oldest elephants in captivity and in the wild as well. Many animal safari tourists in Africa yearn to see big elephants but most of them feel sorry for the baby elephants which are left in the wild as the male and female elephants have been killed as a result of poaching. The elephant orphanage in Nairobi Kenya is just one of the biggest elephant rescue and conservation project which adopts orphaned elephants and later re introduces them in the wild. Many Kenya safari tourists visit this elephant rescue conservation protection center and have a chance to feed baby elephants with milk and also take beautiful amazing elephant photos as well. 

Elephants just like monkeys tend to like bananas. Have you ever asked yourself how many bananas an elephant can eat in a day in order not to feel hungry? If a human being can eat one dozen of bananas at a go how about the largest adult male African elephant which weighed almost 10,886 kilograms (24,000 pounds). How about this, the largest elephant in the world was also 3.96 meters (13 feet) tall at the shoulder. The African elephant in the wild always need to eat 70,158 around calories in order to survive in a healthy way. 

Many amazing elephant photographs have been captured and some of the best elephant’s memories carried along with it. For those animal loving safari people that have gone above the rules of the jungle and gone closer to the elephants feeding habitat, they must have heard the deafening elephant’s trumpet warning the intruders to back off otherwise face the elephants powerful trunk with a nice send off from the elephants shark trunks as well.
All the elephants in the wild have a very big appetite. Big trees are always uprooted by the elephants. The elephant uses its trunk to chip out the barks of trees and there you have the best elephant food. Elephants eat grass either on land, on the trees or in the water and one of the amazing facts about elephants while eating is that the elephant uses different techniques which are only learned as the elephant keeps on using part of its brain to the fullest in order to survive in the jungles of Africa. 

So the nest time you see an elephant flapping its ears just know it is feeling hot not only because of the weather but from the sheer big appetite which rage from any fruits found in the world whether wild fruits or just ordinary fruits. Elephants consume hundreds of kilos of leaves and grass as well. Where do you think elephants get their big bodies from? Well they just need to maintain their weight and the truth of the matter about elephants is that not all grass leaves and barks of trees which the elephant eats is completely digested, seeds of many fruits and grass sometimes is not digested and the elephant dung most of the time is composed with undigested matter. Many trees and plants are in fact re introduced to the elephant natural habitat as this natural seed dispersal by elephants keeps on maintaining the natural ecosystem once again.
There is no greater family bond with the animals in the wild other than when you see elephants playing or these when these elephants are in the watering hole, river or pond ready to quench their thirst. With a lot of powerful elephant trunk sucking machine, you will always find elephants drinking about 30 gallons (113.5 liters) of water each day or whenever they get a chance to drink water. The Elephants often spray themselves with water, or dust mainly to protect them from the sun. At the water hole, these beautiful dangerous elephants with their thick sensitive skin will always wallow in the mud and splash their bodies with gallons of water. Where do you think is the best place to see elephants at their best. Well you might find many kinds of elephants but did you know
When elephants get old, their teeth are sensitive, so they prefer to eat softer food. Marshes are the perfect place for soft plant food, so old elephants are often found there. That’s just the perfect place to observe elephants as they can be in the water for hours until the leader of the elephant heard gives the order to move.  The elephants will push one another, and show all their affection they ca ever think of. Why do you think where in the world do we have red elephants, black elephants, white elephants even white elephants. Mother Nature has all the ingredients to make these beautiful elephants with a tint of color do distinguish the area where these elephants come from in any given geographical location. The mud in which the elephants swim in sticks to the elephant’s body helps to kill the pests and insects that are on the elephant’s body. An elephant's skin depending on the elephants body part can be almost be up to one inch.

The great elephant family
There is no relationship in the animal kingdom like the one you will ever find in the t elephant family. These beautiful Asian and African elephants live in an amazing elephant family bond. The Asian and the African elephant herds stay close together close which is the essence of their survival in the wilderness. The African and the Asian herds of elephants are usually made up of many elephants which are related and the females are the ones which are the head of the herds also known as the cows. These female elephants also have their own baby elephants and other grown up elephants as well. At the moment to see a great herd of elephant is just a thing of the pas as many of the elephant herds are just isolated with a few cows and their offspring.  As far as the elephant leadership is concerned just like in any wild animal which survives in the plain, survival for the fittest is the essence of the continuation of the species and as far as elephants are concerned, the leader of the elephant herd is called the matriarch. 

The matriarch is usually the oldest and most experienced female elephant in the herd. The female elephant of the herd decides when and where the elephant herd will eat, where the elephant herd will rest, and where the elephant will travel to look for food pasture and to quench their thirst of a dust birth or a swim.  The adult male elephants on the other hand are called bulls. As a matter of fact these adult male elephants rarely don’t live in the African elephants herd. Once these huge male elephants become teenagers, they leave the herd. Only after these majestic elephants become adults will they make an elephant train to visit other herds in the forest and their natural habitat only for short periods of time to breed.


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