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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Beautiful Dangerous Jellyfish Animal Safaris

What are jellyfish? A fish in a disguised jelly form or a jelly disguised as a fish? What do jellyfish facts and pictures tell us? As beautiful and dangerous deep sea stinging creatures jellyfish names such as cannonball jellyfish, moon jellyfish, comb jellyfish, immortal jellyfish and other amazing and funny jellyfish names just don’t define what a jellyfish is. With jellyfish attacks on humans and jellyfish burn treatment still making the news here and there and for all those who have seen a jellyfish or the different types of jellyfish, you might just conclude that a jellyfish is certainly one of the most beautiful amazing sea creature. Are sea nettle jellyfish as beautiful as they are really true fish or are jellyfish just fish in a jelly form? What does a common man know about jellyfish or from the word jellyfish? The jellyfish also known to be one of the world’s most deadliest deep sea creatures and you find that there are many species of jellyfish and the different waters of the world have different types of jellyfish according to the jellyfish migration and the jellyfish natural habitat.

What would you feel if you were all geared up with your family to spend a nice day out in the beach only to find beautiful signs and posters saying “beach closed, dangerous stinging Jellyfish on the beach” the biggest question one would ask oneself is “what are jellyfish doing here at this time of the year?” 

one would be more perplexed and some will even dare to ignore the jellyfish information warnings that they are dangerous animals and are not to be tampered with whether the jellyfish is still in the water or the sea nettle jellyfish is just lying there on the beach lifeless with its stings full of venom and unknown to the beachgoers. Whether it’s on a sunny day or a rainy day, sea nettle jellyfish all over the world have made different kinds of news. These beautiful stinging jellyfish have stung swimmers while swimming in different competitions, fishermen have been stung by some of the most dangerous jellyfish while at the same time the biggest jellyfish in the world have been on record in making the Japanese sea to be in difficulties. The Jellyfish Lake no doubt has brought crowds and many have come to see these beautiful dangerous jellyfish in their natural habitat as well. 

Have you ever wondered where the word jellyfish came from or even asked yourself where did the jellyfish get its jelly? Water is what gives the jellyfish its form. The jellyfish has mastered its way in regulating the water it needs to stay in its form and hence when most of the jellyfish when they are taken out of the water, these poor sea nettle jellyfish lose their shape. These beautiful dangerous animals whether your are on your cruise on a vacation in the Bahamas, the beautiful lagoons of Asia or in the beautiful beaches of East Africa just remember these deep sea and shallow sea creatures are the sting-masters of the sea. 

The jellyfish are in the world’s top ten most dangerous animals and are as dangerous and deadly as the great white sharks and the tiger sharks which swim many of the beautiful beaches all over the world ray fish?  Is a jelly fish really a fish as the name says it or is it because many of the different types of jellyfish and species of jellyfish looks just like a jelly when they are in water? As far as many people who want to know what jellyfish are in the true sense, these are just a glimpse of some of the most frequently asked questions about jelly fish or jellyfish.

Despite the fact that there are many myths about jellyfish which are still unknown to man the jellyfish world will still keep on puzzling people as many jellyfish bites and stings keep on making headlines as scientist still keep on discovering and conducting research about jellyfish stings and the importance of jellyfish in the modern world during the different jellyfish migration routs and their natural habitat. The different oceans of the world have many amazing creatures. From the boatful adorable dolphin to the eight legged dangerous octopus, despite all the tides and calmness deep in the oceans there are no sea animals or creatures as beautiful and at the same time as dangerous as the jellyfish. 

As a warning, when you encounter a jellyfish, the best thing to do is to get away from the jellyfish infested water as you just never know if it’s a dangerous jellyfish a harmless jellyfish. Also known to travel in millions, the green turtle always takes advantage of the jellyfish as the jellyfish stings or jellyfish venom does not harm the green turtles. While one’s man meat is another mans poison, the green turtle feeds on jellyfish and other fish as well as these beautiful dangerous jellyfish keep on migrating with their endless safaris deep in the oceans and many of the coastal waters.

 What are the true facts about these beautiful dangerous deep sea creatures? As far as information about jelly fish or jellyfish is concerned, these beautiful amazing deep sea creatures or Jellyfish are any planktonic marine member from the group of invertebrate animals. As a matter of fact the jellyfish is composed of about 200 described species of the class Scyphozoa (phylum Cnidaria) or of the class Cubozoa, which was formerly considered an order of Scyphozoa. In other words the word or the term, jelly fish or jellyfish, in many occasion is used to refer to other cnidarians that have a medusoid (saucer- or the bell shape) kind of body form, such as hydromedusae, the siphonophores (including even the most dangerous jellyfish in the world the Portuguese man-of-war which in a way according to many is not a jelly fish or a jellyfish but a pelagic colonial hydroid or hydrozoan), as well as unrelated jellyfish species or forms such as salps and comb jellies as well.

As dangerous and as beautiful as they are, these beautiful deep sea creatures believe me when you see different pictures of jellyfish; you realize that you get a different picture about jellyfish from all the facts they possess.

Despite the love for jellyfish with may animal enthusiasts some people have managed to keep jellyfish as pets and as far as the animal rights are concerned, just imagine you being confined to a one squire meter aquarium, what would you feel if you were a jellyfish? Surely different jellyfish species do come in different shapes and sizes but it still puzzles when one thinks of keeping a jellyfish not even knowing what are the dangers of a jellyfish bite or a jellyfish sting. With all the great seas and oceans to migrate with and be contented in its natural habitat, these jellyfish as pets deserve a better natural habitat. Keeping jellyfish as pets at home is like robbing the world bank of that single cent which would have helped a starving citizen in a third world country due to natural calamities in Asia, Africa or South America.
For the animal protection, the jellyfish would have fed on the different small creatures in the sea while at the same time, a green turtle would have eaten the jellyfish and in the long run increase the already endangered green turtle population or on the other hand the turtle would have been eaten by a shark and while doing so the small bits of flesh would have been eaten by the small fish in the sea as well and the cycle of action once again continue. Its just as saying let me take this turtle at home one day when you went out swimming and you fell in love with a beautiful baby turtle which was stranded on the beach. 

While taking snakes and other small animals from their natural habitat deprives them their quality of life and breaks the food chain, these beautiful jellyfish do need a home and deep in the sea is where they belong just like any wild animal in the wilderness and remember despite their spectacular shapes and sizes, these deep sea dangerous jellyfish are creatures not to recon with. Not so many people have seen a jellyfish stinging video. Just like in the wilderness one would be scared to see a lion hunting a wildebeest while in the ocean jellyfish movies are hard to come by. You only see or hear cases of people being bitten by jellyfish on videos with all the rushes on the body and the excruciating pain which is visible on the faces of the victims of the jellyfish stings.
As colorless and transparent as they can be during their natural migration in search of food and due to different ocean currents, When these jellyfish or jelly fish migrate, strong ocean currents just take them where many people from different walk of life have no idea about jellyfish are or what jellyfish are. Many swimmers or inquisitive people on the beach are always eager to have a look at the strange insects or creatures lying on the beach.
If you can imagine that, does it come to you as a surprise that its only when someone gets stung by a jellyfish when someone realizes that these beautiful jellyfish can be as dangerous as any other stinging insect or stinging creature out there in the ocean and the only jellyfish treatment  easily available is vinegar.

“Jellyfish stops mega movie project” Every year and in every continent news about jellyfish attacks and jellyfish stinging people while swimming continue to hit the news. Has the number of jellyfish bites reduces due to jellyfish awareness and education and protection among the masses increased? With no proper yardstick in many of the unreported and isolated stinging jellyfish incidents you still find that these beautiful dangerous deep sea jellyfish will continue stinging hundreds of people during their natural migration on unsuspecting swimmers and specially on beaches where there are no signs warning people about dangerous jellyfish on the beach are just some of the few animal attacks headlines about jellyfish. 

So where do jellyfish live or where do you find these nasty beautiful stinging jelly fish or jellyfish? Many jellyfish species live in many of the different warm and cold waters of the world. While different types of jellyfish live in different types of habitats, these creatures might look strange in many of the oceans but the bottom line is if you know anything about jellyfish, then you might just stand a better chance of not being stung by a jelly fish or taking the protective measures s of not being stung by any.

Given the different ocean currents at different times of the year and in the different parts of the world, when it comes to finding out as to what types of jellyfish are found in the treacherous waters of Europe, the high waves of Australia, the romantic America beaches or the magnificent Tsunami beaches of Japan, its surprising to know that different dangerous jellyfish species live in different jellyfish habitat as well. Surprisingly the most common of all the jellyfish found in many parts of the world is the Moon jelly (Aurelia aurita). The Moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) as far as some of the distinctive facts about jellyfish is that the Moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) is the clearest jellyfish in the world. When you see the moon jellyfish, it’s such an amazing sea creature and it’s as clear as looking through a transparent glass. This beautiful transparent jellyfish has a flattened disk as compared to the other dangerous jellyfish species found in the deep seas and oceans and in many regions of the world.

When you take a look at a jellyfish picture or when you see a jellyfish video gliding with the ocean current, its always not as agile and as impulsive as any other deep sea creature our there. Does this mean that a jellyfish is prone to attack unlike other creatures which have razor sharp teeth to attack and protect themselves and their natural surroundings? Not all jellyfish poses this amazing look but being in the water and not being seen is just as good as having all those razor sharp teeth with big eyes only to be spotted from far and become easy prey.

The deep seas and vast oceans have their own eco system. The jellyfish has managed to survive the different ocean jellyfish habitats despite the ongoing climate changes and the day today pollution of these jellyfish migration waterways.

These beautiful dangerous deep sea jellyfish killing fish creatures well adopted to survive in the sea just like any mosquito or Tsetse fly in the African Savannah which are some of the most dangerous insects in the world. The beautiful dangerous moon jellyfish or moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) has very tinny tentacles around the edge for protection from other animals or creatures of prey in the water and for catching its food. Since no two jellyfish or jelly fish are a like, the best way to distinguish between a moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) from other kinds of jellyfish when they are put together is that the moon jelly(Aurelia aurita) is noted to have a pink four-leaf clover pattern situated in the center. With little stinging effects of the moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) people going to the beach to have a good time don’t need to panic or be alarmed by the moon jelly as it might not be harmful but this does not give you the ticket to start your research about jellyfish and start picking them with your bare hands with no protective equipment.
For all those who have been stung by a jellyfish, these are the only people who really know what it is if a jellyfish bites you. It’s no doubt that these beautiful dangerous deep sea creatures or jellyfish are amazing creatures or animals which are very dangerous and deserve a name as some of the most deadliest animals in the world. Whether it’s the lion's mane jellyfish or the Portuguese man of war jellyfish, these world's most deadly jellyfish can attack with lightening speed. In fact getting caught by the world's largest jellyfish means being in the middle of the world's largest jellyfish tentacles. As far as the jellyfish tentacles are concerned, the largest jellyfish has about 9ftl ong tentacles and the biggest jellyfish is about the size of a12ft and these jellyfish are mostly found in Florida, South America and Australia. 

If people are always afraid of octopus, how about a number of toxic jellyfish tentacles engulfing your body inch by inch? You might just as well be lucky if you happen to be in the middle of jellyfish that don't sting at the same time its always good to wear a jellyfish suit for people who venture into these jellyfish infested waters.  While prevention is better than cure and many people not realizing or recognizing any jellyfish symptoms, such people become vulnerable of the jellyfish venom which can be as lethal as the deadliest Indian Cobra.
Do people really learn when they hear or know about the jellyfish reaction from the different media and from the different jellyfish sting images? While some don’t heed to such dangerous warnings people should always be advised or given early warnings of any jellyfish sightings so as to keep away from such jellyfish and jelly like dangerous sea creatures as you just never know which is a stinging jellyfish and which one is a poisonous jellyfish which might just be out there.
Keep on spreading the word while you are out there in the beaches and also having a good time at the sea as well just remembering that urinating on someone who has been stung by a jellyfish as was the rule of thumb or a myth for the treatment of jellyfish sting does not work. It looks weird for someone to pee on you with onlookers around unless that person is close to you or you would rather pee and apply the urine on the infected part which still will not work hence for all jellyfish treatment vinegar is just the best treatment or solution on how to treat jellyfish stings and jellyfish treatment while you are on the beach. Just remember while you are in the kitchen to remind one another that the nest time you go swimming that one has to be in charge and get ready with vinegar in a bottle to help in case someone has been stung by a jellyfish.
When you see a jellyfish out of water, it looks as lifeless as any blown away balloon with a few bubbles here and there. How do these beautiful Jellyfish sting and how does a jellyfish sting feel? What makes them to sting and how would you know that a jellyfish is going to sting you if you are in the water? Panic is always the signs of being stung by a jellyfish. Rushing out of the water with rushes on the affected part with a confusion of what really bit you and what really happened to you is always what comes in to your medulla oblongata. Above all, its only those who have had a chance to share their views on how they have managed to survive these jellyfish stinging scenarios and lived to tell the tale on what happened when they got stung and what measures they took when they realize they had been stung by the jellyfish and that treatment they got and for how long the treatment lasted and when the last symptoms of the jellyfish rushes disappeared. Always remember that the pain can be nasty and excruciating as any throbbing headache of the millennium

Just like the great white sharks, Jellyfish bite and sting as they keep on exploring their natural habitat and as a survival mechanism and survival for the fittest a jellyfish will not hesitate to extend its tentacles and paralyze its victim before it gets very near to its already fragile jellylike body. Whether they are jellyfish in Hawaii or jellyfish in Australia or Japan as big as they are or as small and beautiful to the eyes as they can be, these beautiful deep sea jellyfish kill people. Amazingly to the unknown, these creatures are always trailed with long and short tentacles and it’s these jellyfish tentacles which carry all the poison or the venom that the jellyfish secretes and injects it to the victim’s body and paralyses him if no jellyfish care or treatment is given at the soonest possible time.
With many of the jellyfish news or jellyfish in Florida beaches and jellyfish in Japan problem making the news, the most dangerous jellyfish the Japanese man of war jellyfish as well as the Hawaii box jellyfish can be found in many parts of the world. Different Jellyfish species can be found in very deep waters as well as shallow waters and depending on the kind of jellyfish food found in their natural habitat and with the different ocean warm and cold currents and global weather patterns as well. Many people have been victims of circumstances while having a good quality time only to be surprised to find some jellyfish tentacles about 60 centimeters in length surrounding them. With little that someone can do in order to evade the venomous tentacles of the jellyfish. It’s always the best care which needs to be taken when you encounter a jellyfish group as it’s always not easy to see a jellyfish while you are in the water.
Do people really think about jellyfish while they are out there in a swimming spree and having a fun of a lifetime? Words like jellyfish or sea snakes just don’t ring a bell and hence people are always not able to see or spot a jellyfish but somehow the easiest way to spot or see a jellyfish while swimming is when you are either very sensitive enough when you hit it or feel it on your body while you are swimming in the water. As mentioned earlier the moon jellyfish also known to be one of the most transparent and the most elusive beautiful sea creature can as well lead be the most dangerous jellyfish attack with the slightest touch on the body. It doesn’t matter whether you are near or far while swimming in the water as might be the case due to the fact that the lion's mane jellyfish tentacles can reach almost 5 meters long and swimming is such waters increases your chances of being in harms way.
As one of the most dangerous jellyfish in the world, the famous  lion’s mane jellyfish tentacles have thousands of stinging cells full of venom such that at any time when the jellyfish tentacles tips touches  object or prey, the jellyfish always quickly respond by  injecting deadly toxins which could  kill any small or tiny animals or even paralyze them. A lot of people who go to the beach and many unsuspecting swimmers get stung by jellyfish in this particular manner or has always been the case as to how these sea nettle jellyfish are responsible for stinging sportsmen and women, swimmers and fishermen and marine workers all around the world.

Some people might wonder as to how jellyfish eat with such transparent bodies which are very volatile. Just like the star fish or sea stars and the squids which almost resemble the jellyfish, deep in the sea when a small sea creature or marine animal is stung or comes into contact with a jellyfish sting, the prey becomes paralyzed and this is the time when the jellyfish food is prepared for the day. The jellyfish automatically or with its natural animal instincts uses its stings to take the animal or creature which has been stung and paralyzed to the central jellyfish body part where most of the jellyfish tentacles radiate from and is somehow heart-shaped. For almost all jellyfish and many of the wild animals when they want to assimilate their food, this jellyfish body part contains a lot of gastric pouches in the swimming bell and the food processing and digestion as far as the jellyfish is concerned takes part in this area.

Wings or no wings tails or no tails as far as swimming and movement is concerned, all jellyfish are in fact excellent swimmers and these sea nettle jellyfish will migrate sometimes with the help of the ocean currents to different parts of the ocean in search of food as they keep on gradually adopting to their new natural habitat and the tidal waves. With plenty of food for the jellyfish all the year around, jellyfish will eat day in day out due to the fact that all jellyfish are known to be prodigious predators. All kinds of jellyfish species in many parts of the world search food and eat with out being bothered. How does eat feel to eat something without even seeing it? Well some funny amazing facts about jellyfish is that some of these sea nettle jellyfish are animals or sea creatures which don’t have eyes. Would that build your confidence to eat or do what ever you want to do for as long as it takes without being jealous of the other jellyfish around. That’s just a thing which a jellyfish can be able to share

On the other hand the amazing thing is that those jellyfish venomous tentacles are in fact the eyes and ears of the sea nettle jellyfish well. For survival and continuation of generation in the ocean, survival is very importance and hence good protection and animal instincts always make a difference. All Jellyfish species have very good senses as far as the communication and movement of the water in concerned and therefore the sea nettle or jellyfish are not bothered if it’s a tiger shark in front of them or a small lobster behind it so long as they can detect and feel it moving they surely can see it coming. The jellyfish relies mostly for its protection the ability to have long tentacles which it can use to cover a large surface area in the water while in search of food and to keep away from other dangerous sea creatures which might want to make a meal out of them.

What do you think makes up of the sea nettle or jellyfish diet? As far the jellyfish diet or food is concerned most jellyfish species eat tinny crustaceans called copepods. Some species of jellyfish which live in fresh water tend to consume minnows, anchovy eggs, worms, mosquito larvae, and comb jellies. All these different types of marine animals make part of the jellyfish diet or the most common available food for the different jellyfish species. If jellyfish, frogs fish and marine creatures like to eat mosquito larva, you just might be puzzled as to while people are talking about the eradication of malaria and yet these useful jellyfish species have not yet been introduced in areas where mosquitoes are killing millions? Well with a lot of research about jellyfish still being underway and as an on going process we are still yet to discover what these beautiful dangerous animals or sea creatures can help with the eco solutions at the same time see that they do not interfere with the existing food chain and food web of the different natural habitats of the world at large. Don’t you think it would be better to stay away from insects which you don’t see rather than the annoying mosquito which keeps on buzzing every second next to your ear trying to suck the blood out f you or to be left paralyzed in the name of killing mosquitoes when you go down to the river for a swim or to catch a fish?

Just remember for all those who like the sun and tan, throughout the world Sea Nettle jellyfish are among the world's most deadly jellyfish in many of the world’s beautiful beaches. With little communication, information and education about jellyfish treatment and the overall dangers of jellyfish as far as beachgoers, swimmers and surfers are concerned, you get that a lot of folks are just not aware of what these dangerous jellyfish posses when they take place world wide. People just need to be able to aware of these dangerous world Sea Nettle jellyfish. Whether its luck or just fate that in many occasions people who have been stung by a jellyfish are always not in a very serous condition, proper care and prevention should always be taken as the first priority. Why would you want to ruin a happy moment while you are there on the beach? It’s all about planning and being aware that you are aware of what is exactly going on. Where in the world would you get the largest jellyfish migration apart from the jellyfish lake in Palau.

Every day millions of jellyfish species swim in the deep and shallow waters of our beaches, these beautiful deep sea creatures as dangerous and as harmless as they seem are always in peace with the smooth ocean currents you find that these jellyfish are as amazing and beautiful when you find them in the clear waters and different beaches of the world. Blue jellyfish, pick jellyfish or jellyfish which give light are just some of the kind of unique jellyfish people might have a chance to see.

The jellyfish swarm song is as visible and as audible as the facial expressions fades in. when one of the jellyfish venomous tentacles stings you while you are in the jellyfish natural habitat or during their migration routs.

most jellyfish attack victims not knowing what has bitten them or come in contact with all of a sudden a gust of pain rushing in, panic and try to get out of the water as quickly as they can which is just one of the best way of handling such jellyfish emergencies and treatment.

These sea creatures whether you call them dangerous or beautiful, for those who have come across them and have been in harms way, people have learnt about the dangerous jellyfish stings have learned how to cope up with it and when such incidences occur they just know what to do at the right time. How does a jellyfish sting look like? Any rushes on your body which might not be localized is just one way of knowing something is just not right if you find yourself with a sudden gust of pain. How do you get stung by a dangerous jellyfish? Remember there are as invisible and as invincible as the immortal jellyfish and the chances of you knowing they are there is as slim as you can ever imagine but when the time comes and you really know that you have been stung by a jellyfish, it will just be series of events and the process of the jellyfish toxic substances start to work their way into your blood stream.

With most of the dangerous jellyfish species, which bite or sting this natural process of the body being invaded with unwanted or unfamiliar bodies in the bloodstream has a lot of effect as the jellyfish venom or poison/ toxins keep on penetrating your body. As far as the range of pain from such jellyfish attack incidents concerned, the victim always starts to experience degrees of pain which range from a nasty nip to some very excruciating pain but this just depends on the jellyfish species or the kind of jellyfish that has bitten you. The famous box jellyfish is no doubt one of the most venomous deep sea marine creatures in the world and a as a matter of fact, the box jellyfish sting can kill a man within minutes if jellyfish sting treatment is not given on time or care to the victim is not given on time where the person has been stung by a jellyfish. Most of the deadly jellyfish attack cases always happen when someone comes in contact with a toxic jelly no other than the box jellyfish.

Dangerous Jellyfish attacks and accidents: dangerous Jellyfish or sea nettle jellyfish are responsible for about 100 fatalities a year worldwide. The most interesting fact about jellyfish is that around seventy of the 200 species are known to sting people and cause different body reactions such as rushes swelling and other physiological and psychological reactions which can be displeasing and disturbing to the victim.
Sea nettle jellyfish habitat around the world: Most of the dangerous jellyfish species are found in the beaches of Hawaii, Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, North American coast, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, and Vietnam.

Deep sea and shallow waters Jellyfish predators: the endangered green sea turtles and other fish

Method of dispatch: When a sea nettle jellyfish wants to attack, the jellyfish natural instincts tells it to unwind its coiled stinging tentacles which are always full of toxins. Without wasting no time, the jellyfish for its protection uses all its  energy and fires the tentacles at the victim and then pumps their venom to paralyze the them and in most cases as far as human beings are concerned, this incident Is  usually manifested with an ensuing cardiac arrest.

Jellyfish avoidance techniques: Remember jellyfish are some of the most dangerous animals in the world and any kind of jellyfish on the beach or in the water should not be tampered with and when you find yourself swimming in a spot where it is known to be a jellyfish breading ground and natural habitat you should wear a jellyfish sting-suit. But due to unforeseen reasons and you are stung by any thing or bitten by anything, the best solution is to run for help and getting out of the water as fast as you can will decrease any more contacts with the jellyfish which might be lingering around. The victim should immediately apply vinegar to any stings remaining buried under his or her skin and remove them. Always brush the stings or lift them off with a stick or any object around. The simple vinegar solution which is used for cooking is just the perfect treatment to cure jellyfish sting at the beach. With the modern electronic world, a cell phone can become handy to call for help in areas where someone becomes a victim of these deadly sea creatures. The nearest help one can get is always at the beach. The lifeguard tower should be your first safe heaven as they can help or call for further medical help.

Dangerous Jellyfish sting symptoms: most dangerous jellyfish sting symptoms are associated or accompanied with a burning sensation. Remember it’s the deadly toxins gearing up to places you would not wish for. On the victim’s body, there is always a very clear redness in the area which is stung. There after the swelling of lymph nodes proceeds this can also be painful at times. If the victim was stung by the jellyfish many times, he might experience some severe jellyfish toxic reaction which is always associated with the victim complaining and having difficulty in breathing. If the jellyfish treatment and care is not given early enough, the victim can go to cardiac arrest.

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