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Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Fastest Cheetah in the World and the Fastest Man in the World Usain Bolt beautiful companion

The fastest man in the world Usain Bolt feeding
Bold his adopted cheetah in Kenya

The cheetahs are some of the most beautiful animal in the wild
Cheetahs hunt small prey and big prey in the
wild but will not hesitate to hunt large prey
All over the world, there are so many myths about the cheetah (acinonyx jubatus). The endangered cheetah has bee hunted down through illegal animal poaching for decades and despite its habitat loss, the plight of the cheetah in the wild is already at stake as efforts to save the cheetah, rescue the cheetah and conserve the cheetah have also been performed by the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. What has saving the endangered cheetah got to do with the fastest man on the planet? Did the fastest man on the planet learn a few tricks on how to run fast from the endangered cheetah? Did the fastest man on the planet fall in love with these beautiful endangered cheetahs of Africa or there is something which people just don’t understand about the fastest man on the planet and the fastest animal on the planet about the secrets of being the fastest creature there ever is. 
Cheetahs have to safeguard they kill as most of
the cheetah's predators take away the kill
Cheetahs get tired after running to make a
successive hunt beautiful imaje
If people believe in reincarnation do some of the fastest men and women come from the same cultural belief or affiliation? Well these are some of the frequently asked questions as to why the endangered cheetah is the fastest animal in the world and in order for we humans to be able to run first, do we need to have all the cheetahs attribute as far as the stamina, the perfect long legs that helps the endangered cheetah to leap and sprint like any good athlete such as the fastest man in the world or does it have something to do with the cheetah’s big heart which enables to it to move with agility towards the finishing line.

Cheetahs on the look out for intruders in the
cheetah's habitat
If the endangered cheetah is the fastest animal on earth, does it mean that all the cheetahs are as fast as they can be or is it just a fact that any family of cheetah can run as fast as they can imagine whether in their natural habitat in the wild or just in captivity? Despite the fact that all the big cats can run fast, the endangered cheetah is mostly specialized in running on land while the African savannah cats or the African leopard and other endangered leopard species are specialized in tree climbing while the endangered Asian tigers are the biggest cats in the world and are well adoptable in swimming and the king of the African jungle the African lion is one dangerous predator which is feared by all animals in the world. Not just an animal of great speed and power but as an animal of great stealth in the African savannah habitat and as the most dangerous animal in the wild.  If the endangered cheetahs are good runners, are these beautiful dangerous animals long distance runners or is the cheetah a short distance runner?
Cheetahs and leopards are animals cats which
like trees but the leopard is excellent in it
There are so many animals which can run fast looking for food while in the wild as it is always the case with many of the carnivorous animals living in different endangered animal habitats around the world. The gray wolves are known to chase their predators for miles without stopping. The endangered African wild hunting dogs will always outrun their prey in the African dangerous forest while animals such as the horse can be ridden for miles and for hours just to mention some of the fastest animals in the world or the fastest mammals in the world. On the other hand, why do we have different people every year or every Olympics games as the fastest man in the world or the fastest man in the planet. 

Cheetahs are endangered species and they need all the
protection, the rescue and the conservation from all
government bodies, organizations and individuals as well
Should these people be getting title as the fastest mammals on the planed or do people just want to differentiate the animal species in order for man to have a chance in the world record as well? Well if that being the case, when you put Usain Bolt and the cheetah you find that despite humans having good speed, they can be outrun by many animals so having the criteria as the fastest mammal in the world makes we humans less competent despite the fact that we are of superior minds and much developed and evolved than other forms of animals here in this planed.  
Despite we have dominion over all the animals in the world, as far as speed is concerned; cheetahs are no doubt the fastest animals in the world. It doesn’t depend on which cheetah family or the linage where the cheetah comes from. The endangered cheetah has earned the art of running fast not only as a right of passage but by birth, as an achieved and ascribed status as well. Coming back to the fastest man in the world, why is there a difference in record breaking with only a few seconds every year?  
Feeding animals in captivity comes from the love
of animals which humans have to take the step
and save these beautiful animals
Saving the cheetah is saving a life for the future
even the cheetahs have their own rights to run
Whether it’s fastest man in the world breaking the world record or the fastest man in the world breaking the Olympic record, there are so many ways where people from all over the world have tried to achieve this status through hard work and this has not just been a competition of race but the entire humanity which can produce the fastest man on the planet as well. Despite all the Kenya have been able to dominate the long distance races for ages, its because of their living standards and the training they have to undergo keeping in mind that its just their way of life to be on the move. Running to school miles away to and fro just develops the strength needed to some extent but the continuous practice is what makes someone perfect and to be able to stand out among the masses as the best long distant runners.

How about the cheetah (acinonyx jubatus) and Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world? As far as the cheetah facts are concerned, the cheetah is known as the king of speed. If the endangered cheetah is the most beautiful amazing talented runners of the African savannah habitat, the cheetah can reach a top speed of around 113 km per hour. No other animal can top such good running speed such as the cheetah. Are we talking of a young cheetah or an old cheetah? If all cheetahs are perfect runners how about a cheetah which is hunting for a meal to feed the cheetah cubs. I guess the cheetah will run and strive to hunt that prey for as long as it can in order to feed is hungry stomach and the baby cheetahs as well.

Baby cheetahs are always abandoned by their
mother and become vulnerable to animal attacks
poachers and dangerous environmental hazards
Baby animals look cute and amazing but when
animals like the cheetah is old its just wild
If we have had the world record broken again and again by different people all the time what does it take for the fastest man in the world to maintain the same sprinting quality as a cheetah does? If running is in the cheetahs blood, and as a means for survival in the African wilderness and as part of their natural instincts, how about humans who have many options and less clear and present dangers at their disposals which does not need any running across the valleys or across the streets day in and day out? Is it because of fame or is it part of sports which people like to admire or a combination of leaping out of poverty and into the new world of fame and fashion?

The cheetah is the fastest animal in
the world and their numbers is at risk
Whether its a young cheetah or a young sportsman there are some animals or people who have the art or running which needs to be polished and perfected and when circumstances arise, there you have the perfect cheetah in the world and the perfect runner who becomes the fastest man on the planet as well. When you take a look at what the cheetah and the fastest man have in common or a good athlete, these two have almost the same quality, endurance to perfect the art of running for the fastest man in the world and as far as the cheetah is concerned, the art of running comes due to animal competition within the cheetahs habitat which has dangerous predators that are know to kill cheetahs or to attack them. In the wild if the cheetah can catch its prey within a few seconds that assures the cheetah its diet for the cheetah’s family in the wild. One interesting amazing fact about cheetahs is that cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 113 km in just a few seconds. Is that first enough for the cheetah? How about the fastest man in the world? can he really beat the cheetah in running?
Cheetah close up face with cheetah tear marks which helps
the cheetah to see prey and predators from far
I guess not even if he trains for a hundred years, man will probably not be able to outrun a cheetah. What are the latest findings about the cheetah as far as speed is concerned? According to the latest news, a cheetah named Sarah is known to be the fastest cheetah in the world or the fastest animal on land. Where does it leave the fastest man in the world? What was the headline according to the fastest man in the world and the fastest cheetah in the world? “August 2, 2012. Roff Smith in Cincinnati, Ohio. For National Geographic News. Cheetah Breaks Speed Record—Beats Usain Bolt by Seconds” is this just the beginning of knowing which animal is the fastest in the world or what are the qualities which makes the cheetah the fastest animal in the world? What do people really learn from such experiments, races or animal competition as with regard to the cheetah?
Cheetah cubs are very vulnerable
when they are young
The impala is one of the animals which is always hunted by the cheetah. The gazelles and the dear are just as fast as any cheetah in the wild and since the population of cheetahs in the wild an din captivity is still decreasing, there is a need to save the cheetah. When you take a look at the number of antelope and gazelles in the wild, there population has not reached as stage where these beautiful galloping animals have reached the mark to be considered endangered. On the other hand, the cheetah is already endangered and all efforts take to conserve this endangered species is just one stepping stone in the conservation of many other endangered species around the world. Cheetahs are just like any big cats.
Cheetah family hunting
 If the lion has already been tamed by a few animal experts and a few animal lovers, the cheetah in many parts of the world have been adopted while they are still young and you find that its great moments like these which brings the cheetah to life. When the mother cheetah is injured or killed by other predators, the cheetah cubs become very vulnerable and it’s through the national parks officials or game officials who take the responsibility of raising these cheetahs in captivity with an aim of reintroducing them back to the wild. 

Just like Sara the 11-year-old cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo who was raised when she was still a cub has the greatest story to tell and to share help in the cheetah awareness with all the good efforts being organized by the different cheetah conservation organizations and mainly the National Geographic Society's Big Cats Initiative. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to hear amazing stories in the news about animals such as “Sarah the cheetah has shattered the world record for the standing 100-meter dash, clocking a time of 5.95 seconds—making Olympian Usain Bolt's world record of 9.58 seconds look positively stodgy by comparison.” As a matter of fact, not who is the best runner in the whole world but what do you achieve after running.
Cheetah predators are lions and the hyenas. These cute
little cheetah cubs need all the protection they can get

For the cheetah, the animal hunted is a necessity for the continuation of generation as far as the fastest man in the world is concerned; it’s the team spirit and bringing the flag of the country and the name of the country high. Whether the two fastest human being come from the same country, cheetahs have come from the same linage as well and the best part is that competitions are there to see what potentials we human beings have. Guess what? People like Usain Bolt amazingly have also adopted a cheetah in Africa where it is being in order to create awareness of the plight of the endangered cheetah.

Cheetah babies learning how to hunt at the earliest
stage and perfect their hunting skills gradual;y
Cheetahs like to groom one another to strengthen
their bond in the cheetah family
If in other cultures people have to eat the heat of a lion in order to have a brave heart or eat the most slippery fish in order to excel in different sports or eat the body parts of a chimpanzee to boost your energy, well some of these traditions mean a lot to others while the more scientific minded who measure tangible results need to see the real work done and the practice needed without bending any rules. If adopting a cheetah made Usain Bolt adopt all the necessary qualities from the cheetah to become a good runner and the fastest man in the world there is no harm done.

A cheetah blends very well with its habitat and
strikes when its prey is not suspecting
In fact people say when you want to learn about something or to be come something, you just need to spend your time with things associated to what you want to be and do what it takes to become what you want to be. Easier say than done, the title of becoming the fastest man in the world has its own challenges. Injuries, during training for the cheetah and for the fastest man in the world were as common as they could have impeded any chances of being at the top of the food chain. Continuous practice with different training grounds and endless competition to achieve the best is what the cheetah undergoes day in day out which has also been the life of Usain Bolt the fastest man in the planet. Its not to late to adopt an animal of your choice in order to help save thee endangered cheetahs. If they can make world records why not appreciate them whether these endangered cheetahs are in the wild or in captivity.

Even the laziest cheetah in captivity can be able
to run as fast as the fastest man in the world
The cheetah family in the wild stays closer
until the young cheetahs are big enough to hunt
These beautiful animals are part of us as we are part of them in this universe. The cheetah has every right to roam the African wilderness the dangerous African forest and the African savannah habitat. By saving the cheetah, we are not only saving the big cat family but all the wild life and wild animals that are in the cheetah’s ecosystem, food web and food chain as well. If the illegal poaching of the cheetah stops, there will be little cheetah body parts such as the cheetah skin and the cheetah far or any other cheetah body parts which have been part of the culture and fashion of a few animal parts enthusiasts. The conservation and protection of these beautiful dangerous animals can only materialize if the ongoing efforts in Africa and the rest of the world get the proper support and full attention where needed.

Climbing trees is fun for the cheetah in the
African Savannah Habitat
A female cheetah with cubs on the training ground
ready to learn how to run for prey in the wild
Despite the luck of funds and discontinuation of many of the projects of saving many endangered species going down the drain or coming to a hat, its always people like you and me who have an interest in such beautiful animals that make that difference. If not you then who? If not now then when? We are living in a global village where awareness and straitening of policies that work can really help save these endangered cheetahs.  

A beautiful amazing cheetah family looking for
food and predators such as lions and hyenas
saving the cheetah is one way of making the
endangered cheetah have a place in the wild
With all the initiatives being done by many individuals and different international organization both on small scale and large scale in helping conserve the endangered cheetah and many of the worlds endangered species its organizations such as Segera which is part of the global alliance of nine Long Run destinations around the world that that continue to support and provide the necessary steps needed in many endangered species projects world wide.

Impalas and gazelles are at the top of the cheetah's
menu but a group of cheetahs can hunt zebras too
With loss of habitat and feeding grounds the
cheetah becomes vulnerable to human attacks
As far as the Long Run initiatives in the world of animal conservation and animal protection is concerned, it is committed to become ecologically and socially responsible in the  Global Ecosphere Retreats and to protect the integrity of local ecosystems and the cultures and people living within them.  With many of the animal habitat shrinking day by day due to human activity and may development projects and environment and climatic conditions with little help coming to rescue many of the African savannah countries where these beautiful kings of speed reside, the Long Run initiative intends to provide and build sustainable, mostly tourism driven enterprises, community development and cultural stewardship so that help can be provided in conservation of the cheetah and many of the animals of Africa at the grass root level. 

The biggest population of cheetahs is found in Namibia where these African
Savannah big cats are already endangered due to their skin products
If the locals cannot do the conservation and monitoring of such beautiful animals, for how long will the carnage of these beautiful animals continue despite unforeseen rare cases where cheetahs abandon their cubs in the wild only to be killed by other animals or left to die at the mercy of the dangerous African savannah ecosystem? Its people like Usain Bolt and the former World 110m Hurdles World record holder Colin Jackson and Jochen Zeitz, founder of the Zeitz Foundation and Puma chief executive who take the initiatives and launch animal conservation projects, animal rescue and animal protection such as the Zeitz Foundation and “The Long Run” which are geared to conserve the environment as home to these amazing animals of Africa.

Some amazing interesting facts about the Fastest man in the world Usain Bold and the Fastest Cheetah in the world

Cheetahs are built for speed and
they are good jumpers as well
The Jamaican sprint king and World 100m and 200m record holder, Usain Bolt, is scared of some of the wildlife in the wild. The African cheetah is always on the lookout of dangerous cheetah’s predators within its natural habitat.

The cheetah with good weather condition and the perfect terrain I and clock speeds of up to 112 kilometers-per-hour in the wild. The fastest man in the world with the perfect sports enthusiasts and without people throwing empty soda cans at the starting line can run the 100meters flat race with 9.85 seconds.
The cheetah's tail helps the cheetah to make those quick
 turns during hunting animals in the wild
If the mother cheetah can feed the cheetah cubs with milk, the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt can feed his baby cheetah with milk using a feeding bottle or bottled milk.
At the Segera Ranch in Laikipia, central Kenya, the fastest man in the world was almost attacked when an irate elephant almost charged at his game drive truck during his tour in the cheetah country. Cheetahs and their cubs are always chased by elephants as they seem to be a danger to elephants whenever they enter the elephant’s habitat.
Cheetahs rest most of the time and
hunt when they are hungry
The fastest man has visited and seen and experienced Kenya’s rich heritage and the African Savannah environment. The cheetah is home at the African Savannah habitat and is at risk with the entire illegal cheetah poaching despite the savannah with all its beauty.
In Kenya Usain Bolt, according to the Maasai tribe he is known as “Lloingwany” which means warrior of warriors” where as the cheetah in Swahili is known as “Chui “and also best known as “The King of speed”
Its amazing to note that the name of the fastest man in the world is Usain bolt while the cheetah Usain bold adopted during his animal right and animal conservation safari tour in Kenya, the orphaned cheetah cub is also known as Lightning Bolt.
Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world loves wild animal drives and seeing elephant herds, giraffe families and dozens of zebra is something amazing. The cheetah day in day out almost brushes shoulder with these beautiful African wildlife day in day out.
Kenya has some of the best
Cheetahs animal safaris in Africa
Where in the world would you find a national park in the vicinity of a city with animals like cheetahs, lions and leopards? An animal safari game drive at the Nairobi National Park where the fastest man visited during his Cheetah safari is as wonderful as any other animal safari found in the whole of Africa all at one place.
If the cheetah is the main attraction at the Cincinata zoo where thousands of visitors visit the see to see the most respectable animal in the zoo which is the cheetah, you find that Usain Bold is the fastest man in the world has brought millions of people all over the world glued to their TVs to see him run as the fastest man in the planet.
Usain Bold the fastest man in the world adopted a 
baby cheetah in Nairobi Kenya to help raise aware-
ness of the endangered cheetahs
Usain Bolt is still taking the lead in supporting animal rights by loving all animals in order to save all support of endangered species.
The cheetah at Cincinata zoo has helped raised awareness and helped raise funds for the cincinata zoo which also helps different endangered animal species around the world.


Cheetahs in the wild live less longer than cheetahs in captivity but these
beautiful dangerous animals are better off in the wild

Its a fact that cheetahs use their animal instincts to behave and act
the way they are as the fastest animals in the world

Beautiful amazing cheetah drinking water as these animals
can stay without water for a couple of days
The fastest man Usain Bold holding the adopted orphaned cheetah named
Lightning bold. The adopted cheetah is in Kenya under the care of
Kenya Wildlife Service ( KWS )


  1. Thats a nice little cheetah. Did Usain Bold travell with it to Jamaica as he had adopted the cheetah?

    1. Thansk and I really appreciate your nice comment about the little cheetah Usain Bold adopted while he was in his charity tour around Kenya. As far as the cute little baby cheetah Lightning Bold is concerned, it is in the custody of the Kenya Wild Life Service (KWS) which will raise it.

  2. I totally love the little cheetah. :) its so cute!

    1. Lovely animals when they are young and dangerous animals when they are old and the fastest animals when they go out for a hunt. Thanks for your kind animal observation for this little cute cheetah

  3. That cheetah will beat him in a race even though its a baby.

    1. This cute little Cheetah can run fast. In fact its the fastest land animal on earth. I guess this great wild Savannah cat was just made for that particular purpose. Made for speed!

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