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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Amazing Great Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara National Park- Kenya in a Hot air balloon

The Mara River is always full of Nile crocodiles waiting for the great
Wildebeest migration to attack then they cross the Mara River

The Amazing Great Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara National Park- Kenya in a Hot air balloon

The wildebeest migration is a natural phenomo just as the America bison
migration which takes place every year as aspectacular animal event
For those eco friendly and great animal enthusiast with biodiversity and wildlife conservation minds in the world, how beautiful is it to embark to one of the greatest wonder of wildebeest migration in a hot air balloon? How good can it ever get to see such animals on a safari? Animals all over the world animals such as the African wildebeest, zebras, Africa and Asian elephants, American bison, the Chinese goats and many more have been migrating to better breeding grounds and good feeding natural habitat. 

During the Animal migration the 
zebras are the first ones 

The animals of Africa and specially the wild animals of Africa such as the African big five animals or the big 5 Kenya as well as some of the big savannah cat mainly the African lion, the African leopard and the cheetah used to roam the beautiful African savannah continent from the tip of the Mediterranean Sea to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. But with all the animal competition, animal poaching and animal hunting at the demise of the century saw the carnage of these beautiful African animals almost becoming extinct and one of the biggest habitat of endangered species. At the moment, the largest number of the African animal and many of the endangered wild animal species are found in Africa and only concentrated in Kenya and Tanzania animal habitat.

The Wildebeest migration population

Crocodile always attack any animal crossing

Beautiful amazing aerial view of the wildebeest
migration at Masai Mara National Park Kenya
What animal facts do people know about the wildebeest? Is the wildebeest one of the most beautiful animals in the world where over 1.5 million animals make this wildebeest migration with a population of over 1.4 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras and gazelles as far as these animals in the wild are concerned? My guess is,  animals all over the world whether in the wild or in captivity are all beautiful but it just depends of what beautiful animals are. For all the people who watch the Mara Tanzania Serengeti wildebeest migration videos, what information and facts about the animals of the Serengeti do they know? Was it the famous Serengeti highway? Is it the beautiful Masai Mara national park in Kenya for those who have made countless animal safaris to see the Kenya wildlife and this magical land of Kenya? Is it the dangerous Masai Mara River infested with the dangerous Nile African crocodiles or the mass drowning of around 5000 to 10000 wildebeest which took along the treacherous flooded Masai Mara River during the wildebeest migration in November 2007

Baby wildebeest are born during the migration
and are always ready to run hours after birth

To come to think of it do people really know when these wildebeest migration take place or it’s just a natural phenomenon which happens at the African savannah and the fact that these wild animals use their natural instincts to start the longest and the most dangerous animal migration across the most dangerous African forest, the Kenyan savannah and the animal habitat filled with the most dangerous predators along the African savannah. If people don’t have that animal instinct and rely of human instincts to go on an African safari to see these animal migration what if the wildebeest migration came too early or too late. Keep in mind that these beautiful dangerous animals will only migrate as soon as the long rains have started and the Maasai Mara national park plains are filled with plenty of animal food: rich fresh grass for the Masai Mara animals to feed. 

The best animal safaris in Kenya

Thousands of wildebeeest cross to Kenya and
return to Tanzania during the migration
For the very few African safari tourists who make the wildebeest migration safari and find that the spectacular wildebeest migration is long gone, one amazing animal fact about the wildlife in Kenya is that Kenya is known to be one of the greatest places to go for a holiday. Its not just he Masai Mara wildebeest migration animal attraction that make many tourist to Kenya but the abundant rich Kenya wild animals found across the Kenya savannah great forests in many of the Kenya national parks and game reserves as well. 

The best time and place tos ee the migration
varies every year but the timings is almost same

For those who just need a good relaxing holiday safari, there are plenty of beautiful tourist attractions from the most beautiful sandy beaches just like any beautiful beaches around the world along the Kenyan coast, beautiful archaeological sites for tourist who like adventure and plenty of animal sanctuaries such as the snake park, the giraffe center in Nairobi where you can even have a chance to be kissed by a giraffe after feeding it. and the famous elephant orphanage where people can see and touch these beautiful Kenya animals, feed them and even take close up pictures of these beautiful endangered animals in Kenya. Where in the wild can you have a chance to see the African big five animals or even some of the most dangerous big cats in one natural habitat? The Kenya wildebeest migration is just the mother of all animal safaris in the world.

The beauty of the wildebeest migration

Getting outof the water alive is just the best
thing for a wildebeest to return nest time
The famous wildebeest migration brings along all these beautiful African savanna animals along with it. Amazing African photo safari and as  many wildebeest migration animal videos and captivating beautiful amazing wildebeest migration animal photographs taken during such spectacular safaris is just what makes these Kenya safaris special. The most interesting fact about Kenya and the wildebeest is that the Wildebeest migration in Kenya is one of the most beautiful animal attractions in the world that one must see in their beautiful animal safari to Masai Mara.

The best spot to see the wildebeest migration

But where is the best spot to see the wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara National Park? Is the wildebeest migrations seen better along the Masai Mara river where the crossing of the wildebeest is as spectacular for any beautiful amazing wildebeest photo or the best location to make a good wildebeest migration video as they cross the African crocodile Masai Mara river as the animals swim to their death if they are unlucky? It’s only the wild animal experts who can foretell where exactly the wildebeest migration crossing might take place. Just keep in mind, there is no clear yards stick that these beautiful animals will once again cross the exactly the same spot they crossed every year.

 Depending on the wildebeest animal instincts, the leader of the animals sets off the wildebeest migration. But when do you know when the wildebeest migration has started? The zebras are the first animals to migrate during the wildebeest migration natural phenomenon. As the animal competition in the animal habitat to reach the greener pastures continues from the Serengeti plains, the famous wildebeest will be seen migrating followed by the different gazelle species. 

Here are some brief facts animal facts about the wildebeest
Name:There are two species of wildebeest:
The Blue Wildebeest or the brindled gnu (genus Connochaetes)
The Black Wildebeest or the white tailed gnu (genus Connochaetes)
Size: M - 58"    F - 53"
Height: 3 ft 9 inch to 4 ft 7 inch (1.1 m to 1.4 m)
Weight:330 to 550 lbs (150 to 250 kg)
Habitat: Kenya Savannah and Tanzania Savannah
Lifespan:20 years
Predators:Leopards, Lions, hyenas, African wild hunting dogs and cheetahs
Food: tree leaves, grass, ferns, fruit and fungi
A view of the wildebeest migration from your jet

For all those who want to have an early bird’s view of the wildebeest migration from as early as the months of April to July, a chartered flight will give you an amazing aerial view of the wildebeest migration from the plains and slopes of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater where the African savanna ecosystem with its beautiful wild animals gives you the magnitude of how spectacular this wonder of the world is.

Just remember that mother nature is the one which determines where the wind blows as this can only be determined with the with the different weather condition as well when the wildebeest migration starts due to the dry spell  in the south forces these wildebeest to migrate up north of the Maasai Mara. During the flight which might take you just a few hours to go back and forth a couple of time as the wildebeest migration progresses deep into the Mara region where you might have a glimpse of the dangerous big cats of Africa waiting in anticipation for once another feast of the decade to set in.

The best time to see the wildebeest migration

If the timing is right for your great safari destinations in Kenya you not only have a chance to meet dedicated tour guides and tour operators who will charm you all the way from your hotel to the entire wildebeest migration safari. Do you know what the best fact about animal safaris in Kenya is? You get to see most of the wild animals of Africa along the way until you reach the best spot where you want to see the wildebeest migration. So whether your destination is the Masai Mara river, you will just be glad to happy to have seen the different wildlife in Kenya within a spun of just a few hours even before you enter the Masai Mara national park.

The best places to view the wildebeest migration

By the way, does the wildebeest migration take place at night as well?  What if you find yourself with the rest of the safari crew waiting at the wrong wildebeest migration spot? It’s at times like these when people wonder what to do but for al those who are prepared for this wonderful Masai mara safari there are always plenty of places to relax within the Mara region such as the Moru campsite areas for all those who like camping safaris, the Grumeti River Camp and the Kirawira luxury tented camps are of world class quality as you await for the wildebeest migration to start the nest morning all destined towards the Masai Mara river.

For all those who would love to experience this spectacular wildebeest migration in the company of their children, the Seronera Wildlife Lodge and the famous Serengeti Serena which are centrally located are just some of the spectacular places where you can view the wildebeest migration from the comfort of your breakfast in bed in the heart of the jungles of Africa. 

Animal researchers of the wildebeest migration, animal photographers, animal conservatives and all those animal lovers who love to be in the wild and close to nature and spend count less hours in these hospitable charming facilities provided in order for us to learn more about the African wildlife and bring about the desired animalconservation and animal protection efforts through their award wining amazing photos of wild animals, breath taking wildlife videos and well researched animal documentaries and research papers about the animals in Africa and the wildebeest migration as a whole. 

Frequently asked questions about wildebeest migration

One interesting animal facts about wildebeest migration is that since Kenya is a tourist destination because of the amazing Kenyan animals and tourism brings most of the foreign exchange to the country, the wildebeest migration is in fact which determines the tourism peak season in Kenya where there is full occupancy in almost all the world class hotels, safari lodges, safari camps not only within the vicinity of Masai Mara national park but as far as Mombasa where you have beautiful white sandy beaches from the south coast such as Diani beach to the north coast with the famous Lamu Island.

What do you think would have happened if the Serengeti highway in Tanzania would have been built? Would the wildebeest migration still be there in full swing? What if the Masai Mara River gets flooded again due to the unforeseen weather changes as it has been in many parts of the world? Would there be another hue and cry people blaming tourist as a cause for thousands of wildebeest drowning as a result of tourist flocking the banks of the Masai Mara River during the wildebeest migration? 

What if the African Nile crocodile was not declared as endangered and harvesting or poaching of these beautiful Nile crocodiles were poached to extinction, I guess the Masai Mara River would have ended up being strewn with wildebeest carcasses which would have been unhealthy to the already existing wildlife and the people of Kenya.  These are just some of the few frequently asked questions about the wildebeest migration. As far as the wildebeest predators are concerned, the wildebeest which manage to cross the Mara River and are lucky to evade the powerful jaws of the dangerous African Nile crocodiles will not be out of the woods yet as the dangerous African big cats awaits them across the African savannah plains as well. This vicious wildebeest migration is very crucial as it ensures natural selection where only the strong wildebeest survive wile the weak such as the wildebeest baby, the young and sick wildebeest and the old wildebeest circum to the spectacular lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and even the African wild dogs hunting spree.

So whether you choose to see this wildebeest migration in a hot air balloon at the Masai Mara National Park or wish to drive and enjoy your Masai Mara safari in Kenya and take close up photos of the wildebeest within a stone throw or you just feel comfortable to be in the juggle and you prefer to watch the wildebeest migration from your aircraft,  each and every wildebeest movement has a spectacular moment and its great moments like these which makes  the famous Masai Mara national park in Kenya as one of the best national parks in the world and one of the best place to see the great wildebeest migration.
The African Big Savannah Cat the lioness hunting down a wildebeest during the
wildebeest migration. Some wildebeest are known to out run lions. I guess
this wildebeest lived to run another day. lpic by  Paul Goldstein

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