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Monday, 13 August 2012

Lion Cubs and Young Male Lions in the wild VS. Cute Young Female baby Lions in Captivity

Endangered wildlife and the baby lion in the wild

Lions any where in the world are endangered species and at the same time, no doubt the king of the jungle. Is it one of the main reasons why you find the dominant male lion resting all the time? While you are in a safari in Africa and you see a lion cub roaring just know it’s a lion behavior and a lion natural instinct being practiced from the earliest age.  But what comes in you your mind when you think about a young male lion, an adult feanimal instincts, Baby lion, beautiful amazing baby, captivity, cute lion cubs, endangered animals, female and male lion, lion picture, Lions in the wild, Masai Mara national park Kenya, young male lions

male lion, female and male lion, a baby lion or a lion cub? Is it the cute lion cub picture, young male lion resting or lion cub sleeping after being fed, a cute lion cub playing video or the biggest lion chasing a zebra in the African savannah only to end up to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world when it is fully grown at the beautiful plains of Masai Mara national park Kenya?
What do people know about the true facts about lion cub when these cute lion cubs are in the confines of the lion pride family?  Unless you go to the African savannah on a lion cub hunting lion safari to get all the facts at first hand and all the facts about lion which might as well give you a glimpse of what takes place in the African jungles despite the fact that with all the information about lions, baby lioness, female lion facts, mischievous animals, young male lions and lion cubs which is easily available in both print and electronic media, its only those few privileged who have managed to raise lion cubs, nature them and see them grown who can really narrate what it is to be a lion cub while you are in the jungle and when these little lion cubs are raised in captivity. Where would be the best places to see baby lion cubs playing, take the best lion cubs pictures, watch lion cubs sleeping or even a lion hunting a zebra other than in famous places such as Masai Mara national park Kenya, South Africa lion park.

Lion cubs in Africa just like any other endangered wild animals in Africa face clear and present dangers day in and day out. It’s not just the dangers from the most dangerous animals of Africa such as the famous African wild hunting dogs, the spotted hyenas, the climbing tree leopards or even the fastest animal in the world, there comes a time when lion eating babies emerge to come and take over the lion’s pride. For the few lion babies who manage to escape from the beautiful dangerous giant lion claws end up to be homeless and are whisked in lion cages, raised and adopted in captivity in many lion conservation programs for endangered species only to be re introduced back to the wild when they are fully grown and ready to fend for themselves in the wild and there after become one of the most dangerous animal in south Africa, Kenya Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola, Malawi or even the most dangerous animal on earth.

Many people who love animals and have managed to see these beautiful wild animals of Africa really appreciate what they see. The lion birth is not as glamorous as it is in the baby lion king movie and with all the survival for the fittest animal instincts governing the beautiful dangerous lion and lioness, many of the lion cubs don’t even reach maturity as they end up being prey or are attacked by other lion predators or become victims of lion poaching as well.

A lion baby or a lion cub is one of the cutest animals among the great big cats of Africa. Explorers, researchers and hundreds of tourist who have managed to visit the lion country have always been amazed with these cute little fascinating breathtaking endangered lion babies.

Whether these wildlife animals in Africa or young beautiful dangerous lions are zoo lions or forest lions, those visiting these endangered animal protection sanctuaries also fall in love with these baby lions straight away. To come to think of it, why do people get attracted to these cute baby lions as far as the African big cats are concerned? Why not the baby hyena, the cheetah cub, the African leopard or any other endangered forest animal? Many people will agree that all of the animals in the world, a baby lion is do doubt a beautiful but at the same time; all wild animal babies are beautiful in a special way.

How easy is it to take a cute lion cub picture? Well very easy as you can say. Go to the nearest lions zoo, talk to the zoo officials and if they happen to have a lion which has given birth recently they might allow you to take a picture or to or even make a video about the baby lions as well. That sounds easy and well said end easily done with no hustles of booking for a lion safari in the beautiful dangerous lion country, traveling across the most dangerous forest in the world Strawn with the African big cats and heavily infested with the African big five along the African savannah, searching the perfect lion national park or animal reserves which has the biggest number of lions so as to make your chances even bigger in finding at least a lion which has given birth. I guess that sounds like a big hustle only for the sake of a beautiful amazing baby lion picture.

 People say in this life, if the cute baby lion picture is worth it, there is no hustle at all going that extra mile in achieving it. Jokes aside it’s not easy to get that perfect short of a cute lion picture unless you have the right camera, the distance from where you are the where the lion cub has to be well lit to get the entire lion cub’s face and the moment just has to be right. You being at the right natural animal habitat and at the right time and the same should apply to the endangered lion cub as well. Guess what I wonder where the beautiful dangerous lion and lioness would be while you have the time to do all that.

For the very few who have managed to concur the art of beautiful amazing wild animal photography which is an art of its own with pain staking moments for many of us to appreciate these beautiful wild animals learn about them and at the same time appreciate them as they are part of this world as we are part of them as well.  With many wild animal organization which cater for the plight of endangered animals, its such good lion cubs photographs and lion cubs videos which have moved people to help in many conservation and protection of these endangered little lions in Africa and Asia where many of the lions are vulnerable and have become endangered due to poaching, loss of habitat and feeding grounds and to some extent as animal trophies.

For those who have managed to see these cute little baby lions in the wild, they know exactly what it takes to be the king of the of all animals, the most feared predator in the world and above all one of the most beautiful animals in the world.

Baby lions in the wild like any other wild animal babies as soon as they are able to venture out of their den in the presence of the beautiful dangerous lion and lioness, you find that these baby lions or lion cubs are always full of energy which last for only a short time. Playing with the lion’s big mane and its long tail swishing back and forth trying to tear it apart with tinny baby lion’s teeth which are not sharp enough makes them give up only to come back when they are fully fed after the pride has made a very successful hunt of the day.

Is it a lion’s behavior to be adventurous and playful as these little lions in the wild seem to have or is it  just sheer animal instincts which is being practiced and to become useful when these young lions have grown up and are ready to start a family and make a lion pride of their own as well? Many African animal safari tourists take this advantage of this beautiful lion pride by taking breath taking animal pictures and beautiful lion videos and are glad to have made such an achievement from the comfort of their safari vehicle and are glad to have made one of the most beautiful lion safaris in Kenya and to have captured the beautiful African wild life images as well.
The lioness and feeding lions take care of the baby lions
Does anyone really know when a lion is going to give birth when it is in the wild? If the lion and lioness are in captivity, there are good chances when to exactly expect the birth of the little cute lion cubs after carefully calculating the date of the lion copulation.

But when these beautiful dangerous lions are in their natural habitat and breeding grounds, the female lion or lioness is always as secretive as she can be as far as giving birth is concerned and the safety of the newly lion cubs as well. Getting a glimpse of these cute cubs is always difficult and very few people who have spent days and nights in the dark carefully observing the lioness being on heat, watching the lioness looking for the perfect cave, bush or den where she can safely deliver her offspring and as a result you get the privilege to see the lioness animal instincts kicking in carrying its delicate little cubs to a different spot fearing any predators might come and attack the cubs and also to be in harms was as well.

Do people really know what happens in the lion’s den? With this new age of technology, my good guess about lion cubs while they are in the safety and care of the lioness and deep well hidden from other intruders and dangerous predators is that there is not always much to do. Since the lion cubs are always blind for the first few days when they are born, there is always a lot of lion behavior of sleeping and a lot of lion grooming and cleaning day in and day out. This is always followed by a lot of lion feeding time for as long as the lion’s stomach is empty. The rest of the day as far as the lion cubs are concerned, once again the animal instincts which has been passed on from generation to generation starts to be evident. The lion rivalry starts as the lion cubs starts fighting for the mothers tits which produce a lot of milk. 

So when you see two brothers or sisters fighting with no apparent reason, just remember we are all wild animals but only with some superior intelligence and due to the fact that with the multiplicity of the elements in the modern world and in the wild, war within animals is always endemic.
Basically when the lioness is ready to give birth  its not like the wildebeest which gives birth on the way on its migration rout from the beautiful Serengeti plains to the Masai Mara with one of the worlds deadliest Nile crocodile rivers to cross, neither like the African elephant which is born and ready to catch-up with the elephant train to nearest or distant water hole and fresh grass nor like the  tallest giraffe where you are born and plunge from a height of almost six feet on your first seconds of birth and expected to be alive. The lioness always scouts the lion’s pride feeding and breeding ground so as to make sure that no intruders are present or will be present by the time she gives birth.
Giving birth for the female lion in the wild generally takes place within three and a half months after conception and the time of year for the lion to give birth does not depend whether there’s a full moon or whether its raining cats and dogs with deafening thunder and blinding lighting in the African jungles as if the African gods have said let it rain nor does it depend whether it’s the dry spell in the African grassland and every stalk of grass you can find has turn golden.

Come rain come sunshine the female lion or lioness with all luck on her side will give birth to around four cute little lion and lionesses to be. Spending as much time with the new born cubs becomes the order of the day. Despite the fact that in dangerous or hostile environment in the wild, the beautiful dangerous lioness might as well stay with her cubs without going to hunt or go hungry for almost four days so long as she had fed properly during the days which had gone by. If the prevailing weather conditions are harsh and there is a scarcity for animals for the female lion to hunt, the natural survival animal instincts for the lioness becomes her first priority. With around four little lion cubs to feed and with less milk to feed them the lioness might sometimes opt to leave her cubs and maybe just carry one of the healthy cubs along with her to a different feeding and breading ground where she thinks she might as well survive or there are other animal which she can hunt and at least manage to survive.
What is the difference in terms of young male and female lions in captivity and the young male and female lion in the wild as far as giving birth for the lion is concerned? Is there really a difference or it just doesn’t matter a thing because these are just wild animals and whether these beautiful endangered animals give birth or not it doesn’t have anything to do with you? Just remember we are living in a vicious cycle with a complicated food chain and dynamic pyramids of food chain which are still in its hay stages yet to be fully understood for all those who have little concepts about the dynamics of life and the essence of animal rights as well. 

So whether it’s the birth of the endangered forest animals such as the slow sloth in the deep forest of Puerto Rico, the endeared silverback gorillas in the tropical rain forest of Congo or the endangered big cats such as the beautiful dangerous clouded leopard species on the beautiful iced caped mountains of Hunza in the Northern areas of Pakistan, we are all connected. This is because if there were no lions or the population of lions in the world and in the wild went to zero what do you think would happen? If you are living in the city you might not even notice a thing in the beginning but mind you if you don’t read the papers it the news of the absence of these beautiful dangerous animals will just hit you like a rocket. Take for example where in the world do you have the biggest number of wild animals? Well I guess even a child of grade 2 might answerer that with enthusiasm with a quick answer: Africa. When and where in the world would you find half a million wild animals roaming freely across national boundaries? Well what might your guess be?
 Why all these questions while the topic at hand is about lion cubs, baby lion, young male and female lions, lion babies and anything to do with lions and lionesses. 

Think again. T young male lions his is where the lions and specially the birth of a lion come in. if all the wildebeest were to be stopped from migrating back to their natural habitat and breeding grounds, the wildebeest population would increase tremendously within a blink of an eye. The different wild animals which are native to their natural habitat would quickly be outnumbered. These beautiful dangerous migrating animals will keep on chewing all the natural vegetation they can find. 

When that is also completed, protected forest and farms which are used to grow cash crops would also be grazed to the ground and as time goes by the land carrying capacity would not be able to sustain the unexpected of the number of animals given the fact that these animals depend on the availability of grass which is also connected on the weather conditions and mostly the long rains.
With the soil bare and not having any undergrowth, the top rich soil will be washed away and the ensuing years will defiantly be followed by a drought only to see millions of beautiful animals dying of starvation as a result of over grazing from the new animal intruders which had been denied their rights to migrate back to their breeding and feeding grounds. While this is not a cause for many to smile thinking that lions would be pleased to have such a flow of readily available animals to hunt even if they are blind folded, now imagine no lions in the jungle. The hyenas would rule the world but only for a short time and the same story would just come back as it was.

So the next time you see an animal giving birth or you hear an animal has given birth, be fruitful and try to share what you know to others about these endangered lions in Africa-Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia as this brings awareness about these little cute endangered animals which need to be protected hence conservation, reproduction and protection of these animals is of importance for the future generation.

It is a clear fact that whether lions are in captivity or are in the wild, the number of cubs a lioness manages to give birth to is around two to three. In the wild the lioness uses its wits to hide here as much as possible and the only way to know that a lioness has given birth is by the vivid large bright large stains around the nipple of the lioness. So the next time someone asks you if they have ever seen a lion which has given birth, be sure to tell them to help adopt a lion and help save these dangerous animals before they become extinct. As the days go by in the African jungles, the lioness cuddling her cubs will only dash for short intervals to feast along with the pride what the lion’s food for the day was and might as well take the lion’s share.

When it comes to taking care of these babies of beautiful dangerous animals, the lioness or the female lion just like any nursing mother has to do all the cleaning of the lion cubs, training of the baby lions which will be ongoing for as long as the young lions are old enough waiting to be chased and to go and make their own pride and make their own territory and be able to defend it prom intruders. Depending on the place where the lioness has given birth, the lioness will be on a constant movement with her cubs for their own protection and from the pride as well before they are fully introduced to the dominant male of the lion pride r the head of the lion pride. During these shuttling of the lion cubs and their mother holding the lion babies by the neck is such a spectacular moment.
One would feel that the lioness is actually hurting the baby lions but in real sense it’s just as holding a sloth from its back or holding a rabbit from its ears. Do you think that hurts? Don’t be scared and don’t feel that it hurts the lion cubs. As one of natures wonder of the world many animals and specially from the cat family uses this technique to hold their young ones and there are no known moments when these little tiny lion cubs have roared with anger to detest the inhumane activities done just above their nose by their sweet mother.
The female lion at this period is always regarded as one of the    fierce lions in the lion pride. Just like any female big cats, these feeding lions are always very careful how they interact with the rest of the lion pride. As the cute endangered baby animals keep on growing and increasing weight, these feeding babies will keep on becoming more and more adventurous as they keep on exploring the endangered habitats  as the female lion roaring to and from the lions den begin to take a tall of the cute lions screaming for more food or more milk
With little protection or no protection, these cute baby lion cubs will always try to fight any small intruders and try to hunt any flying and crawling insect they can see in their den. So if  female lion returns to the den and does not see the baby lions sleeping the she will always the  baby lions playing and she will try as much as possible to find out if the cubs have wondered far away and have different scents which they might have acquired while they are out there. Grooming and cleaning will be the first priority as the cute lions start fighting for their food even before the lioness settles down.

And when the right time comes along, the female lion and cubs will have a chance to meet or to be introduced to the pride. With no huge celebrations of the female lion screaming or the male lion roaring after about six weeks is what it takes for the beautiful dangerous lion cubs to be introduced to the clan. Did you know that in every lion pride there is only one dominant lion? So if the head of the pride finds that the cute little cubs are not part of his linage, the dominant lion is capable of killing these baby lions at once.

 There are very rare occasions where fighting of lions takes place as the lioness always doesn’t have a better chance in case there was to be a real fight between the lion and the lioness as the lioness tries to protect her cubs. Unlike mothers who would do whatever it takes to protect their babies from their aggressive fathers, the female lion will always stand way back to let the head of the pride have a moment with the new lion cubs and if the dominant male lion is satisfied them peace will just prevail for the next generation in the African savanna ecosystem. How many lions are in Africa? With almost all lions on the bring of being extinct, the number of lions in the wild is making a comeback due to the different efforts of lion conservation, lion protection and reproduction worldwide.
Feeding baby lions in captivity depends on the quality and quantity of food or milk that is provided by the wildlife animal sanctuary that is taking care of these lions. It might be in the lion zoo, an animal orphanage or just a protected area where someone has either adopted these endangered baby animals and is rearing them in captivity.

The feeding lion cubs continue to be weaned mostly in their den for as long as they are healthy and when the small dangerous lion teeth start to develop, the feeding lions are slowly started to take part in the lion’s share as well. Because all lions are carnivorous, these endangered mammals will start to see face to face the female lions fighting or the dominant lion roaring when it is time for eating after the female lion which mostly do the hunting come back with the  catch of the day. Slowly by slowly the baby lions continue to get accustomed to the smell of blood beef from hence forth starts to become the main food for the lion cubs or the young lion’s diet. With the female lion still able to produce milk, the baby lions will always rush to their mother whenever they feel thirsty or whenever they feel hungry.

 If it takes almost three years for human beings to stop feeding their babies with breast milk, as far s lions in the wild are concerned, the rules of the jungle are the ones which determine when these female lions can stop their cubs from getting closer to her to try and get some milk whether its feeding time for the baby lions or there is no food and the lion cubs keep on displaying their hunger by licking the mothers mouth or going for the tits.

Guess what if you think that milk is considered as the perfect food for the baby which is a fact about all feeding babies, as far as the lioness is concerned, she will only feed the lions with milk for a period of around 7 months. If this is a short time for such animal to stop such an animal feeding practice I wonder what happens with the animals in captivity when it comes to feeding lion cubs. By the way what kind of milk to baby lions like while they are in captivity? Do baby lions like cow milk, pasteurized milk or powder milk? For those who like to drink milk, I know for sure there is a difference between cow milk, goad milk and camel milk as well. Depending on the geographical location you are coming from and the way you have been brought up, I am sure you agree that one’s man meat is another man’s poison. 

As far as the lion fact about milk is concerned, milk is one of the best natural food any mammal can feed on. If human beings have been known to have been saved by drinking milk from wild animals, how about all the cutting edge technology which has now been put forward in managing to help feed the masses in this beautiful world of ours. Allover the world, while baby animals have been left orphans, milk is the most important food which is given depending on the right nutritional value which is always determines by the qualified trained animal handlers, veterinaries or animal doctors. In the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, elephants as big as three years are fed on gallons of milk which they quench within minutes, the same goes with the famous giraffe center in the heart the city as well as part of conservation and protection of these endangered species in Kenya and the rest of the world as well.

Coming back to our beautiful young lions which are now increasing weight and the female and male lions in the pride have become their daily companies, the bond between the lion cubs continue to be strengthened by a lot of grooming and teasing as well. The lion cubs start to pick up what the female and male lion are doing and try to imitate them. These could be for example a lion chasing prey, a lion catching prey or a female lion roaring at male lion. While these are some of the skills which a lion uses to hunt and survive in the wilderness, the lion and the lionesses in the lion pride will keep on to be the best teachers for the lion cubs for as long as the roam their natural habitat, feeding and breeding grounds which at the moment is dwindling the world over specially in Africa and in East Africa where you have the largest number of lions in the world.

Lions are very social animals and you know what in many of the lion prides, most lions almost give birth at the same time. Is this good for the lion’s pride or not? Well with  a large number of lions in the pride comes a lot of  fighting lions as well. How about the lion cubs? To some extent, the baby lions somehow have managed to have an advantage of this situation. You find that when the female lions go hunting, the remaining feeding or nursing lions sometimes allow cubs which are born by a different female lion in the pride to come and feed when the baby lion is hungry. Since female lions know their cubs, its always not easy for them to refuse the cubs from different female lions so long as it’s the same lion which is the father of the cubs being fed. This always saves the cubs from starving while the female lions go hunting which sometimes takes hours before the lionesses hunt a zebra, a giraffe or a buffalo which is big enough for the lion pride.

By the time the lion cubs are almost two years; this is when you find some of the most mischievous animals in the world.

Just as you see a lion stalking prey, the baby lions will keep on practicing their lion hunts against each other. The cute lion cubs will play with the dominant male lion without any invitation and at his best moment when the lion is sleeping, the cubs will bite the lion’s tail, bite the lion’s ears, and bite the lion’s mane bite the lions and play with the lions paws as well. .they will dare to chase the African vulture when it comes to nimble dry African buffalo’s skull with zero of soaring into the sky.  At the same time, the male lion will be scratched, the lion babies will fight over the old two horned endangered white rhino bones and the few acacia trees will be scaled, scratched and peed on as well which is one of the most characteristics of the baby lion’s behavior.

When you talk about animals climbing trees, leopards and the most efficient tree climbers among all big cats in Africa and Asia. But what have lions to do with tree climbing? It’s a fact that lions don’t hide their food on trees. Lions don’t always sleep on trees. Lions are not very good tree climbers. Is it because lions are very heavy? By the way how big is a lion as compared to an African leopard? These two most dangerous big cats of Africa have a record of climbing trees. If I may ask, have you ever seen a lion resting on top of a tree? Some lion species in many parts of Africa have been known to be climbing trees. For the few privileged that have traveled in different parts of Africa might have seen these endangered lions resting on trees. 

These lions sleep on trees most of the time and these lions which climb trees have adapted to most of the prevailing conditions for their protection and taking advantage of these trees to be able to spot their prey from far and away from the scotching heat within the lion’s habitat. So when you see a lion cub scratching that acacia or thorn tree just remember its just one of those big cats family animal instincts or lion behavior which drives it to try to climb that tree only to be stuck at the top and to be afraid of not knowing how to get down only to be helped down by the mother lion.

Africa has some of the greatest, the biggest and the most beautiful flora and fauna in the world. As far as animal facts about dangerous animals or the most dangerous animals of Africa are concerned, Africa in fact has nine of the most dangerous animals in the world. Does the little lion cub really know what it is to grow up in the African continent with some of the most dangerous mammals living within the lion’s pride? In fact, Africa has some of the most dangerous scorpions in the world, the most dangerous hippopotamus in the world, the most dangerous mosquitoes in the world and the most dangerous elephant in the world, some of the most dangerous scorpion in the world and some of the most dangerous shark in the world, some of the most dangerous crocodile in the world and not only some of the most dangerous jellyfish in the world but most of the most dangerous lion in the world as well.

With all these beautiful amazing facts about the most dangerous endangered animal species in the world being part of the baby lion’s habitat, the survival chances without the protection of the lioness, the female lions, and the head of the pride and the rest of the lion pride, most baby lions don’t even grow up to maturity.

 As inquisitive and as mischievous like any baby animals in the wild which has to explore every inch of its territory, these lion cubs become victims or fall prey from other dangerous mammals roaming around the lion’s pride as well. With little knowledge that a baby lion is not supposed to tease or bite each and every crawling animal or insects, dangerous and venomous snakes attack these lion cubs, hyenas, jackals and wild dogs always don’t hesitate to eat lion cubs whenever they get a chance and the beautiful dangerous Africa elephant and the African hippopotamus will not hesitate to trample over any lion cubs as they know they are great enemies. If the African elephant is known to be attacked by the dangerous Nile crocodile, how about a baby lion who goes out alone in search of water in the crocodile infested waters? For those lion cubs which survive these early stages of life have yet other bigger lessons to learn in order to survive in the wilderness as dangerous lions in the wild as well.

Remember it’s a fact that the lion’s predators are not the different wild animals found in the African jungles or the African grass lands alone but the bigger female lion cubs and the stronger male lions as well. This is because right after birth, baby lions always want to show dominance and unless the lioness keeps a check on it, some of the lion cubs become malnourished as they are not able to get the lions share while they are still young as well.

Do lions eat lions? Is there such a thing that a lion can eat another lion? I guess not. Why then do male lions kill cubs? Its all there on video. There are some amazing good video documentaries about lions killing cubs. Its true that dominant male lions will only want to see his generation flourish in the pride. The natural animal selection and survival for the fittest only exhibits itself by bringing the female lions quickly back to heat so tat the dominant lion can have cubs from his bloodline . If you ever find male lions fighting for territory or for dominance in any lion’s pride or in any habitat, a male lion will kill all the baby lions, fight with the female lionesses and the bigger lions within the lion pride and might even go further by eating the lion cubs after killing them. 

While some of the baby lions might have a chance to escape and not return to the pride, these little lions once again become very vulnerable to other lion predators once again. If you think lions are the most beautiful animals in the world then think again. But if you think lions are the most dangerous animals in the world then you might just be part of the group which agrees that these big cats of Africa despite the fact that some of them have been tamed, there is till a lot about lions which we human beings just don’t understand yet. If a tamed lion can be trained to take part or act in a circus, why do these tamed African lions turn to their trainers, zoo keepers and owners and attack them? How about a lion kissing a human being or a lion hugging a human being? These are just some of the wonders which lion cubs keep on fascinating people as they grow up until people or get that this was once that cute amazing little baby lion we used to pet or take beautiful pictures. 

Back in the wild where the lion cubs are almost grown to be young male lions and the young female lions if they keep on surviving the dangerous wild life conditions which keep on coming from every yard of the forest, the lion cubs or young male lions now face one of the biggest challenges in their life as far as the young male lion is concerned. Every young lion which is almost grown up and wants to show dominance over the young male lions and the young female lions is always chased away and not to join the pride but is given a one way ticket to start his own territory and be able to protect the lion’s pride as well. the young male lion with little experience in hunting prey in the wilderness, many young male lions don’t make it in the wild. Do you know why lions are very good hunters? It’s because of the greater number of lions in the pride. Normally when lions are hunting, they normally choose one animal to attack, some young male lions move to the flunks while some adult male lion chase the animal being hunted. 

Despite the fact that not many lion hunts are successful if it is only one lion hunting a big prey as the zebra the African Cape buffalo or the giraffe, it’s the large number of lions which can be able to successfully bring down a big animal. So these poor lone lions always have to hunt day and night in order to survive and end up hunting other animals such as rabbits, wild pigs and other small baby animals as well. As the young male lion or adult male lion gets older the lion’s hunting skills keep on improving and will exactly know how lions hunt as it has been with his fore fathers who once ruled and tamed the African wilderness as the young male lion still keeps building its strength instead of being a scavenger lion with no pride.


  1. Nice blog about the young male lion in the wild and in captivity. Nice lion pics as well and thanks for sharing this beautiful information about baby lions. I hope to come back and brows this site once again.

    1. Please do come back for more articles about animal safaris and great animals such as the African lions, the great African Hippos and many more dangerous African Safari cats with a lot of animal facts and interesting information as well.

  2. I'm absolutely fascinated by lions! I think they are the most beautiful, majestic animals on the planet. Really enjoyed reading this blog and will definitely be visiting again! I also watched this video about lot's of different cats which i hope you'll enjoy too!

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