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The African Nile crocodile

The African Nile crocodile

Are the crocodylus niloticus or Nile crocodile and specially the African crocodile eating people more dangerous than the South American crocodile? There have been many crocodile attacks involving people and animals all over the world. Some of the African crocodile animal attacks news or crocodile attacks video have been having amazing headlines such as lion vs crocodile fighting,  bird in crocodile mouth, great white shark vs crocodile, green anaconda eating crocodile, crocodile attacking elephant, and the best of all crocodile eating wildebeest. These are just some of the few crocodile facts as far as the largest crocodile ever found in the world is concerned with all the crocodile’s attacks perfected by the crocodile death roll. 

Does it really make a difference whether the prehistoric crocodiles paved the way to the crocodile albinos, the Nile crocodiles, the crocodylus porosus or the Philippine freshwater crocodile, the biggest crocodile in Australia or the crocodylus intermedius. These dangerous crocodile all over the world have always created panic when crocodile swimming in the rivers, lakes and ponds are spotted as they ten to pose danger to the people in society. All crocodile body parts have made the crocodile to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world. 
One of the biggest crocodile in the world caught
in Africa: Zimbabwe by Steve Curle

The crocodile’s powerful jaws can break animal bones when they snap. The crocodile teeth used to be treasured for all those crocodile hunters, the crocodile powerful tail sweeps its prey while not suspecting while the crocodile most sensitive nose and eyes are always the soft sports which when touched disorients the crocodile. The dangerous saltwater crocodile attacks in the Philippines, china Australia South America with all its dangerous crocodiles and alligators have lead to a lot of animal conservation of these endangered crocodiles. Whether the African crocodile came from Egypt or from the Nile River, these African endangered animals deserve better while they are in the wild and while in captivity

Crocodiles are dangerous animals at any given time and place you name it; not only when you see a crocodile swimming or whether this African crocodile is just eating on the banks of the rive. Despite the fact that crocodiles in Africa are still part of the native of some of the African savannah tribes, the giant crocodiles in Africa used to be hunted as trophy animals in Africa, Asia and in Australia until the crocodile was declared one of the endangered species in many parts of Africa, Australia Asia and the rest of the world at large and at the same time some of these African crocodiles end up in many of the finest hotels served as part of the crocodile meat or crocodile menu..  Crocodile poaching just like any animal poaching is still going on with little check on it in most crocodile habitats and many of the Nile wildlife across Africa.

Whether crocodiles are raised in captivity or in the wild; these dangerous reptiles are some of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world. Crocodile attacks keep on heating the news headlines all over the world but with little communication where the crocodile habitat is located, many of these crocodile attacks are not even reported. By the way, what animal facts about crocodiles do people really know or in other words what do people know about alligators? Is there a difference between a crocodile and an alligator? Many people who have seen these dangerous crocodiles and alligators on videos or have had a chance to see a live crocodile will just tell you how interesting and how fascinating a crocodile is. It’s not just the largest crocodile in Africa, the African crocodile ears, the crocodile’s powerful jaws or the crocodile’s tail. 

Many people get attacked by crocodiles because
they ignore the crocodile warning signs
There is always something about crocodiles which people have feared from ages as dangerous river lakes sea creatures that are able to bring terrible danger to the animals and people they attack. What do people like about the wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara national park in Kenya? Is it because of the sheer number of wildebeest which come from the Serengeti in Tanzania or are the entire animal safari tourist coming to Kenya to see the dangerous crocodile attacks along the great Masai Mara River? In fact this is where you see the dangerous African Nile crocodiles attacking animals in action. The Masai Mara Nile crocodiles always have a feast of their lifetime during the wildebeest migration. 
Dangerous African Nile Crocodile at the Grumeti
 River in the Western Corridor. Photo  by
 Russ DeFusco, PhD (or Colorado Springs, CO)
while on safari with PAS in Jan 2011

That being said, when these crocodiles are not attacking the wildebeest the other time of the year, what do you think the rest of the crocodile families in the rest of the African Savannah are actually doing? Day in day out scores of people end up being attacked by these dangerous Nile crocodile which seem to be basking on the shores of these African lakes and rivers only to surprise their victims and drowning them within seconds and never to be seen again despite the loud din which always ensues.

African safari travelers, explores and researchers are known to have been attacked by these dangerous African Nile crocodiles as well. Its not just crocodile attacks on humans which is fascinating, there are a lot of animal attacks videos about crocodile attacks on elephants, crocodiles eating lion and to crown it all, if you ever see crocodiles swimming, they are always sometimes in the hippos territory and why don't crocodiles attack hippos? There was an animal attack incident caught on tape when a crocodile was attacked and killed by angry hippos in one of the rivers in Africa.

Wildebeest migration crossing while a hippo is
watching beautiful funny amazing animal pic
What would you ever do if you were attacked by one of the most dangerous crocodiles in the world? Would you shout crocodile! Crocodile! Crocodile or try to fight the dangerous crocodile which is attacking you? In fact most of these crocodile attacks on human come as a result of people failing to spot the crocodile eyes above water, not paying attention to these rivers with crocodiles and failing to read the danger crocodiles sign if at all there are some, or through information about dangerous crocodiles that is passed on to people venturing into the crocodile habitat to take a swim, to fish or crossing the navigable streams, rivers and lakes of Africa which are always infested with the African Nile crocodiles.

Important facts about the African Nile Crocodiles

African Nile crocodile or Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)
The crocodile's eyes and the crocodile's nose are
the most sensitive parts. Hit them when attacked
As far as crocodile facts and figures are concerned, these dangerous African Nile crocodiles are always masters in the crocodile habitats, after the crocodiles have attacked they prey, the crocodiles will stay for a good while before they think of attacking another animal. When these dangerous animals go hunting for food, the crocodiles like to wait in the water for the perfect time to strike when the animal or person being attacked by the crocodile is caught by surprise which is one of the crocodile animal instincts to strike with all the force and subdue your opponent at the shortest possible time.

What is the weight of the largest crocodile in the world? I guess that will depend on what the crocodile eating and in which crocodile habitat that crocodile is found. But what do the Nile crocodiles eat as some of the African Nile crocodiles weight  between 225kg to 1000kg, so what kind of food do these African Nile crocodiles eat? Do these endangered crocodiles only eat live animals or they also eat dead animals as well.

Top ten world's most dangerous animals an alligator eating a Florida gar (Lepisosteus platyrhincus)
Photo by Marina Scarr
 Some of the amazing facts about the crocodilian family is that sometimes crocodiles stash the dead animal which it has attacked so that it can eat if after some few days when it has gotten rotten and soft enough and due to the fact that it has already eaten and does not feel hungry.

African Nile crocodile attacks on man

The African Nile crocodile is on of the most dangerous crocodiles in the world. While it almost tops the charts of the top tem most dangerous animals in the world, these Nile crocs are responsible for an estimated 600-800 fatalities a year. The number of crocodile attacks world wide keeps on increasing as many people keep on venturing in the crocodile’s habitat as loss of habitat for these endangered crocodiles is being threatened by farming, fishing and most of the water ways being diverted for some other human and economical needs. 

While many tourist on safari to Africa have little chance to see these dangerous crocodiles, there are very rare cases where you could hear a tourist was attacked by a crocodile which could have happened by chance or by the sheer negligence of not following the rules of a safari that you should not get down on a safari car at what ever cost unless your are told to dos o by the tour guide or the driver of the safari.

One amazing facts about the African Nile crocs is that the largest crocodile caught in Africa was Gustavo. This powerful massive African crocodile attacked many people in Africa mostly on Lake Tanganyika. This dangerous crocodile was very elusive and when it was hunted down, it was always difficult to catch this crocodile. As one of the most dangerous crocodiles wanted in the early 80s, this crocodile attacked people and animals at the same time and it took a while before this world’s biggest crocodile was caught.

Crocodile habitat

With some of the biggest crocodile species in the wild still facing animal competition for food with the other land animals as far as crocodile are concerned many of the biggest crocodiles are found in the Africa Savannah in many rivers of Kenya, Malawi, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. In Asia some of the biggest crocodiles are mostly found in the rivers of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh while China has its own Indian crocodile species or mash crocodile or the Mugger crocodile while Australia and many parts of North and South America have their own Crocodile species and Alligator species. All these crocodiles of the world come in different sizes and shapes. Some of the longest crocodiles come from India, the Philippines and Indonesia as well while some of the biggest crocodile sin the world ever caught came from Australia as well.

The dangerous crocodile predators

Do crocodiles really have predators despite the fact that they are the largest animals or reptiles in many of the rivers and lake so of Africa? All the animals in the wild have their own predators and prey as when. These dangerous crocodile predators always attack the crocodiles when they are still young and even if the crocodile is as big as 6 feet, there are cases where such crocodiles are also attacked by lions as well. The most important fact is that baby crocodiles are the ones which are always attacked and eaten by large birds, snakes, fish, and wild animals. Because crocodile lay their eggs on dry land buried deep in the undergrowth not far away from the river or lake, when the time for the crocodile eggs to hatch, the baby crocodile uses the baby crocodile tooth which is born with it and helps it break from the crocodile shell. 

With all the predators big or small in the jungle waiting to see any movement on the ground, the small baby crocodiles always try to reach the nearest water where they will be safe but only few of them make it to the river as the rest become victims of many of the crocodile land predators as they await to survive the other water crocodile predators waiting for them day in and day out until they grow up and can defend themselves as well. Man is the biggest crocodile predator as he is responsible for all the poaching of crocodiles in their natural habitat

How do crocodiles attack people?

Most crocodiles attack their victims because most people do not get the chance to see the crocodile swimming in their direction just before they attack. The only time you can see a crocodile is when the crocodile eyes are above water. These dangerous crocodiles move with terrifying speed and sometimes launch themselves out of the water like a missile and get hold of their prey.  If  the crocodiles eating an animal which is big and there are no loose parts to tear, these powerful crocodiles then go into a crocodile death roll. This in fact is when the crocodile starts spinning the person or animal it has attacked by moving it around and around to disorientate the animal person being attacked by the crocodile thereby lessening its chance of escape.

How to avoid dangerous crocodile animal attacks

Can these dangerous crocodile attacks be avoided? How really do you avoid a crocodile attack while you are still in the water? Do you have a chance of escaping at all or crocodiles are different from the great white sharks which only attack their victims when they are not looking at them straight into their eyes or just because their sight does not world very well when the animal or person they are attacking is very close to them?

The most useful way of how to avoid any dangerous crocodile attacks is to avoid these dangerous crocodiles at all cost while they are in their natural habitat.

The first rule on how to avoid these croc attacks is do not swim in areas where there are crocodiles swimming. It may be hot, and you may want a swim, you might not even see the crocodiles swimming unless you are careful to see them entering the water as you also enter the water with all the splashing. These dangerous crocodiles will always see you coming.

One amazing fact about crocodiles is that crocodiles are very good swimmers. Crocodiles can swim in mucky waters as well. Don’t be fooled that you can out swim these Nile crocs even if you have 17 gold medals under your belt, these Nile River crocodiles are champions of the lakes and rivers as far as swimming is concerned.

But for the unlucky few who have managed to be grabbed by the crocodile, shouting for help is one way of avoiding any dangerous attack by the crocodile but keep in mind that when the crocodile is already holding you by the hand leg or part of your body, its always advisable to scream for help at the same time beating or punching the crocodile attacking you on the nose or even clawing the crocodile on the eyes. It’s a fact the crocodile nose is one of the most sensitive part of the crocodile. There are may animal attack videos which have involved the crocodile attacking other animals such as crocodile attacking monkeys or crocodiles attacking elephants and it’s the sensitive nose or the delicate eyes of the crocodile which were touched and this gave the chance for the animals attacked by the crocodile let lose its dangerous jaws and there was freedom once again.

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