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Monday, 13 August 2012

Fun facts about baby lion cubs in the wild and baby lion cubs in captivity

Fun facts about baby lion cubs in the wild and baby lion cubs in captivity
Baby lion Place of birth: baby lion in the wild are born in a den which can be a cave, a thick bush, a very secretive spot in the forest while baby lions in captivity are born in the cage, in a zoo, in a temporary lion maternity room.

Protection of the baby lion: baby lions in the wild are only protected by the lioness, the female and male lions, the dominant lion and the whole lion pride. Baby lions in captivity are protected by the owners in captivity under CCTV, security guards, law enforcement agencies with the entire arsenal used to maintain safety and security given to them twenty four hours a day.

Baby lion food: baby lions in the wild feed on milk and meat, eat lizards, birds, insects, feeding lions in captivity is carried out by trained staff as the baby lions in captivity will fed on custom-made lion diet composed of milk formula and a special fortified food, chicken, fish, roasted beef, pizza.

Water for the baby lion cubs: baby lions in the wild will drink river, lake spring water which is sometimes mucky and infested with crocodiles which might be miles away but the little cute lion cubs in captivity will drink readily available fresh clean or even mineral water in their cage or enclosure.

Cleaning and grooming of the baby lion cubs:  cleaning of the lion cubs is the duty of the lioness which is done by the lioness licking the lion cubs with its tongue from head to toe and from the baby lion’s face to the ears, eyes and nose and as the baby lion cub grows, all the lions in the pride will groom and clean the baby lion but the in the wild the lioness will always do the cleaning and from there onwards, the baby lion in captivity will be washed by clean water with disinfectants, shampooed, combed, dried with soft towels, blow dried and tucked in a soft blanket to stay warm

Baby lion shelter: baby lion cubs will only get shelter from the sun under the trees; if it rains they will have no shelter and if at all they get any shelter the lions will only get shelter from the lioness.

Medication for the baby lion: the only medication a baby lion can get in the wild is the natural grass which it will eat to relieve stomach ache and the lioness is the only physician where as a baby lion born in captivity will have his temperature checked day and night, the baby lion will be de-liced and will be given rabies shots and later it will be given a clean bill of health by spectacled animal doctors

Growth of the baby lions: baby lions in the wild have very little chances of growing to maturity due to the dangerous conditions and the dangerous predators in the lions habitat and might not live a ling life. On the other hand, lion cubs in captivity face less predators and live longer which
As an animal natural instinct, lioness always shift their cubs from one area
in the wild from dangerous predators and the lioness will carry its cubs with
its mouth to safety. cute beautiful lion cub pic by 
Paul Goldstein

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Cute baby lion cubs walking with lioness in the wild
beautiful amazing animal picture by 
Nikolai Zinoviev 


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